June 17, 2020

Three Words I don’t want to hear from Yogis, right now. ~ Yasmene Mumby


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For the yogis screaming, “We are one” in the midst of our Black Lives Matter movement, we need you to shift.

Like, yesterday. After savasana.

Yes, yoga is union. It is connection. We are connected and one.

And like anything else that we honor and treasure, we have to maintain and nurture our connection with each other. We have to repair relationships where disconnection occurs. The only way to maintain integrity of our connection is to actively take care of it.

Right now, in this moment, we are heightening our awareness of the world’s disconnection. Where there’s disconnection, there’s suffering. Where there’s suffering, there’s unawareness moving unconsciously.

Our tools of listening and witnessing help us grow our awareness and see clearly where there is disconnection and where there is suffering. Once we’re aware of the disconnection and resulting suffering, we are able to act with intention to restore the connection and alleviate suffering. To grow your awareness and to use your tools of listening and witnessing, we have to get out of our own head and our own perspective.

A lot of yogis are stuck here—you hear them screaming,

“We are one. We are union. You are creating disconnection in yoga!”

…and ignoring people sharing painful experiences.

To them, I say and have said: Um, no.

The reality we are sharing reveals that many are feeling disconnected, many are suffering. Our role as yogis is not to turn away from our awareness of suffering and disconnection. Our work is to restore connection. It is our duty. It is part of our dharma.

You cannot restore connection if you do not accept what is reality. Why? Because you cannot see what is not connected if you do not commit to seeing reality as it is. You don’t know what you’re looking for or at.

The reality is that many are suffering because many are practicing anti-Black racism and disconnecting from the pain and suffering they are creating in others.

Don’t get mad at yogis around you who support you in heightening your awareness of what is reality. Instead, go out and restore connection. Restore unity and relationships now that you’re aware because you have witnessed and listened to others share their pain.

Transmute your inner fire and anger at yourself for not seeing and listening to restoration and healing amongst others.


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