July 6, 2020

3 Steps to help us Lose the Lack Mindset & Manifest Abundance.

Many of us carry unhealed trauma like open wounds.

We feed our trauma, keeping it alive in our current reality, via our emotions. These emotions can create energy blocks that cause us to both lose money in our business, and a sense of success in our everyday lives.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have trauma.”

Well, did you also know that our bodies don’t know the difference between low-level trauma and high-level trauma? To our bodies, it’s all just trauma.

You see, trauma is basically any experience that has caused us emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual discomfort or pain. Experiences such as betrayal, narcissistic abuse, abandonment, and even unresolved arguments with friends or loved ones can cause trauma that creates abundance blocks, or a mindset that keeps us from seeing and manifesting financial, mental, and emotional abundance in our lives.

I wasn’t aware of how deep my own abundance blocks ran until I divorced my husband. Following my divorce, I spent two years clearing the old beliefs and negative behavior patterns that had kept me financially stagnant.

This is the three-step technique I used to manifest a new reality after my divorce:

Step 1: Choose forgiveness.

When we forgive and release, we find happiness, peace, and love within ourselves and within others. By choosing not to forgive, we are essentially choosing to hold on to that karmic event.

Understanding that forgiving those who have wronged or hurt us has zero to do with the person who hurt us and everything to do with ourselves is essential to clearing up our blocked money.

Action Step:

Sit in a quiet space, light a white candle, and take a few deep breaths. Write a forgiveness letter detailing the specific incident, and then burn it. Yes, burn it.

As you burn the letter, say out loud, “I now choose to release and clear any negative attachment to this experience.”

You can repeat this exercise as many times as you need to.

Step 2: Release regret. 

Holding on to regret can contribute to our financial abundance blocks. By holding on to regret, we are ultimately holding on to the belief that our current life or way of being is not enough. That’s a mindset of lack.

The past is done. We can’t change it. Therefore, holding on to the energy of past mistakes only reinforces our scarcity mindset.

Release regrets by choosing to be grateful for the good things in your life. Accept what you cannot change and be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned along the way. 

Action Step:

Visualize yourself in the past of a particular event or situation that you regret. Now, imagine three negative consequences that would have resulted from the situation had it been different.

What future experiences would you have missed out on? What benefits would you have missed out on?

Next, say out loud, “I did the best that I could with what I had and what I knew. I now choose to cut the energetic cord to this experience.”

Step 3: Shame.

Shame doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. It’s one of the first emotions that we experience in our childhood and ends up shaping our life. As a self-conscious emotion, shame informs us of an internal state of inadequacy, unworthiness, dishonor, regret, or disconnection.

Moving past the shame of our past will help unblock our money karma. It is also through releasing this emotion that we will create space to cultivate more confidence and self-worth. 

Action Step:

Own your story.

Start by telling yourself that your shame story doesn’t have to define you. What this exercise does is start to restructure the patterns in your brain that have kept you in a shame cycle.

Sit down in a quiet space and make a list of all the memories you feel shame about. Then, write a list of all the amazing qualities about yourself.

To take this even further, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then, visualize yourself in the past in a familiar story of shame. Once you’ve locked in on that memory, observe the situation. What do you hear, feel, or see? Observe and be curious about whatever comes up. Then, take steps backward, one at a time, until you can no longer see your past self. Energetically, you are cutting the cord to that experience.  

Healing our trauma takes time and consistency. When we become a conscious creator of our life, we open ourselves up to all the abundance that is waiting for us.

Understanding and accepting that all our life experiences are part of our individual journeys will help shift our perception from victimhood to empowerment. And from a space of empowerment, we can pursue a mindset of abundance.

Ultimately, you are the creator of your life. This includes your participation in your experiences.

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