July 3, 2020

3 Powerful Manifestation Tools that actually Work.


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“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Manifesting our desires should be uncomplicated and easeful.

We are, after all, creators by nature.

Every single moment of our lives is created by our being, and there is a certain lust within our soul to continually evolve—which is, in fact, creating a new “self” in every now moment. If we weren’t creating or manifesting, we’d be all done here.

Just think about that for a hot moment.

We’re more incredible than we give ourselves credit for.

A question I receive from frustrated clients is, “If I can create all this bad sh*t in my life, why can’t I create the good stuff?” We always have a good laugh, because this is such a universal question.

One of the reasons we cannot manifest bliss as easily as the “sh*t” is because our subconscious has a difficult time believing in blissdom. We are used to manifesting through unconscious patterns of suffering, and coming up with situations that aren’t what we want, but that seems to transpire with apparently no effort. It’s become automatic to create through doubt and fear.

The good news is that we can change that pattern through conscious choice and awareness.

Our subconscious mind and conscious mind are not always on the same page (have you noticed?), which is good because if our subconscious believed everything we said and thought, we’d be in really big trouble, manifesting all kinds of weird scenarios.

The subconscious is our ally, even when we think it’s not. It always shows us the truth of who we are.

This can be inconvenient, but recall some of the things we say on a regular basis, like… if such and such happens, I’ll just die! Well, if your subconscious believed that as a literal statement, you would die when such and such happened. Fortunately, it ignores a lot of our jibber-jabber.

In order to manifest something out of nothing, the ether, our conscious mind, our soul, and our subconscious must be aligned—they must believe the same thing.

The above is usually our biggest block to manifesting, especially since a lot of New Age thinking has taught us that if we say we want something, we can have it.

Maybe we can, or maybe we can’t. One still needs to factor in that we’ve made certain soul choices before incarnating, and our subconscious is all over that; it will try hard to keep us on the path we said we wanted to experience.

Our soul, and inner wisdom, has a much wider perspective than our human self does. Our human may say one thing, but our inner intelligence may not align according to the overriding purpose of this particular lifetime.

Our creative journey on this planet must align with our soul integrity, and what I call “living on purpose.”

Soul integrity is listening deeply and intuitively to who we are at our core and following that guidance with sovereignty.

I do believe that we are all in the process of learning how to do this because it takes courage to be wholly oneself.

Here’s what works for me. May it be of benefit to you!

Three powerful manifestation tools that actually work:

1. Connect to a feeling of joy and gratitude.

Smile. Feel good in your body. Don’t skip this step. It’s the basis for truly appreciating what we already have and who we are without judgment.

Create from joy and gratitude. Feel good right now in this moment.

If we only believe we will feel good later when we have some thing or situation, we are still operating from the frequency of lack. And lack can only create more lack.

Many of our conversations with the Universe stem from feelings of lack. If we begin with genuine gratitude, we’re on the same frequency as the energy we came from.

2. Speak to the Universe—a.k.a. yourself— in the language it understands.

Just be clear and simple. Say what you want. Don’t include what you don’t want!

For example: “I just don’t want to be poor anymore” is one way we can express ourselves. All the Universe hears is “want” and “poor.” When you say this, the frequency of how you feel when you feel poor is also being transmitted. And the Universe begins to immediately match all that. Want poor! Want poor! Ayayay.

Be precise, clear, and energetically tapped into your desire.

If you want a pair of skates, you can simply say I want skates. Or I want new skates. Or I want really good, used skates. How you feel when thinking of receiving these skates is being matched immediately by Source.

Source hears—”want skates.” Source feels what you feel when you say “really good skates.”

Happy, satisfied feelings. Alignment.

3. Say what you believe.

If I say, “I want to win the lottery,” and my subconscious doubts or doesn’t believe I will—because what are the chances really—then my conscious and subconscious are not aligned. My words and subconscious are at odds.

But if I say, “Anyone with a ticket has a chance to win the lottery. I have a ticket. I can and want to win the lottery,” now I am saying things I truly believe.

The Universe hears my belief and can match it with how I feel when I say that because it is true that anyone who has a ticket has a chance to win the lottery—and I do have one. I believe that. If I believe it, I can create it.

Now that’s a silly example, but it shows that if I say what I truly believe, I’m not fighting my soul’s impetus for integrity. Because you can be sure that most people who buy a ticket hope they win, but don’t believe they will.

You can check in with your body too. If you feel resistance to what you’re saying, it’s a good chance that your inner wise one is rolling their eyes and just walking away.

I’ve been saying for a long time that I want to live on a small homestead again. I mean I ache for it. I have accomplished that before, so I know it can be done. But recently, I uncovered a new block in my relationship with receiving.

When I dove deeper into this block, I saw clearly that my chances of manifesting said homestead were pretty slim. My soul just kept reminding me that I was in a place of inability to receive it, because of these layers of abundance blocks.

But guess what? When we’re in awareness of where we’re at, we can come into conversation with our soul and find tangible solutions. If soul integrity is our guiding force, we can create with clarity and sometimes even speed!

I had to adjust my spoken words, after a good long honest look into where my block was rooted, I now say this, “I am open to receiving my bliss, a homestead to grow my soul upon.” I believe in those words and feel them at my core.

Source hears—receiving, bliss, homestead. Source feels—soul growth. We’re on the same page again.

It’s just all about joy, gratitude, clarity, and alignment.

Remember, we’re co-creating, not begging for things.

Create, don’t bargain.

Give it a go, and let me know what magic you’re creating.


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