July 18, 2020

July’s New Moon Sex Magic Ritual: Manifesting with Pleasure. {July 20}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ Ed.


Sex magic isn’t anything new.

In fact, it has been practiced across various cultures for centuries.

From tantra to witchcraft, sex magic is simply engaging with the energy raised during orgasm for the purpose of magnifying and manifesting the desired outcome.

It’s pleasurable co-creation, a way to direct intention. The reason why it is so powerful is exactly the reason why sex and pleasure have been sent to the back of the line of acceptable activities—orgasm is a direct portal to meeting with the Divine. It’s the kind of danger that makes people listen deeply to themselves and question the status quo.

July’s new moon is influenced by retrograde Saturn, a rather stern, masculine energy, which may feel restrictive in some ways. However, it is balanced by the sign of Cancer, the supportive feminine flow, instinct, and intuition.

We are forging new ground with this moon, the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse season behind us. Tradition (old systems) received a much-deserved cleanse during spring and early summer.

Eclipses are like a slow-moving river in some ways, what is unearthed during them may take some time to reveal and resolve itself.

Think back over the last two years. What shifts that possibly seemed random at the time created your current situation? What energy, person, and/or circumstance began to clear the way for this moment?

Between now and the remaining eclipses of 2020, November 30 and December 14, we have a window of opportunity to tie up loose ends, make clear decisions, and set necessary boundaries, because the end of the year will guide us into yet another cycle, and demand new soul growth.

My thought is that so often we don’t completely end one cycle before we begin another. Eclipses and moon phases remind us of endings and beginnings. The more attention we pay to where our own phases are, the more we are on-purpose with our life.

Instead of letting things happen to us, why not be involved with the process?

This is where sex magic excels!

Aside from the fact that it’s crazy fun—I mean, here’s permission to be wildly erotic and manifest something you desire clear out of the ether—you’re also participating in a mystical tradition which recognizes that we are indeed magical creatures who can pull something intangible from the spirit and usher it into the physical world. Hello!

I’m drawing from my cultural background as a witch in sharing this ritual, but if you’re more aligned with Eastern tantric practices, there are plenty of resources online to look up, although they’re not all that different in essence.

Sex magic can be practiced with a partner, but I like to encourage my clients to create a personal ritual before they try one with their lover.

Because our sexuality has been distorted and in many ways abused, engaging solo can be incredibly liberating and empowering. The mystic or witch understands that her wisdom, her intuition, and her sexuality are entirely her own to work with. She can attune herself and her body to the desires of her heart, and create a reality independent of influence. So juicy!

Our brains release powerful hormones during orgasm, which decrease the connection with the thinking brain and activate parts of the brain associated with desire, pleasure, and motivation. Therefore, it is easier to harness intention and cast a spell (direct energy) in a focused way. We’re not thinking our way to what we want, we’re feeling our way, which is the nuts and bolts of manifestation.

Casting spells is all about cooperating with natural forces, our bodies, our emotions, and Source. It’s co-creation, not the manipulation of energies, an organic process as long as we are in integrity when we cast.

Sexuality, creativity, spirituality—three words that essentially convey the same thing. We can’t have one without the other. Orgasm, although expressed externally, as it travels along our spine and exits our crown, is really an inward journey, where we meet our divine self and invite Source to join us.

The new moon is the time to cast dream seeds for the next lunar cycle. Cast with intensity and potency attuned to the moment of orgasm. It’s perfect timing, as Luna opens the portal within your heart.

The Sex Magic Ritual

1. Ironically, orgasm should not be your first focus. Pleasure first. Create an atmosphere that stimulates eroticism. One can be incredibly erotic and sensual, and never orgasm, therefore, first things first. Set aside time and space for an indulgent practice.

2. Luxuriate in music—what kind turns you on? Indulge in food and a drink that is pleasing to the mouth, nose, and body. Set the mood for honoring yourself. It’s going to be different for everyone. Not all of us like a roomful of candles, some of us do…hot wax can be fun.

3. Scent is a powerful stimulant. What about a soap that you can’t wait to use or some oils to massage into your skin? Allow yourself to take pleasure in extended self-care.

4. Summon a fantasy or some kink that will help you raise energy. Some of us are visual while others prefer an erotic story. Write your own if you have one brewing. What accouterments do you have stashed in your bedside drawer?

5. Enjoy your body. There is no hurry. No one is watching. Or, maybe someone is.

6. Have a clear picture of what you wish to manifest. Perhaps beforehand, submit to your journal thoughts about the life, partner, home, business, or event you wish to bring forth. Say what you mean, not what you think you should say, what do you really, really want? Don’t edit your dreams for digestibility by others.

7. Surrender to pleasure. Let it roll over you like a wave. Open. Emote. This is about you. You’re here to please yourself, and yourself only.

8. At the moment of orgasm, release your intention to the universe. Scream it if you wish. Feel it in your bones.

9. Stay in the moment. Notice how your body processes the release. Let the warmth of your desire spread through every cell. Drink some water infused with your favorite fruit. Know that you are the architect of your own life.

10. Close your ritual with some love words to yourself. “I love you, adore you, respect you, nourish you, nurture you, co-create with you. You are everything to me.”

11. Know that you have been heard, that you have heard yourself.

12. Rest.

New moon love, beauties!



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