August 9, 2020

Tarot Cards Aren’t Evil—They Taught me How to Honor & Empower Myself.

I feel like tarot cards get kind of a bad rep.

More often than not, they are associated with evil and darkness, but honestly it really depends on the intention of how a person uses them.

The way that a tarot deck is misrepresented reminds me of people who claim pit bulls are a terrible breed, when really it’s got nothing to do with the dog and much more the people who own them.

To me, tarot cards are not predictors of a future set in stone, but a message of possibility. They are merely guideposts and sometimes warnings. Overall, it is kind of a symbiotic relationship between the person and the deck. The cards can give the message and then the person who receives the message can choose what energy to focus upon and shape their lives accordingly.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have had quite a passionate love affair with a good tarot deck, but it took the creation of a yoga practice designed around empowering women to really show me about how we can all cultivate our energy within—namely in the form of the queens in the Minor Arcana.

Here are what the queens taught me:

1. The Queen of Pentacles taught me that matters of the hearth and home are of great importance in this world.

She showed me the art of budgeting and the importance of recognizing that it is okay for me to create abundance in my life. She taught me that staying grounded is important in the pursuit of my goals and that it is of equal importance to nourish both my loved ones and myself. The Queen of Pentacles taught me that I too could cultivate my desires and remain rooted to the earth.

2. The Queen of Wands taught me the importance of passion and the creative spark within.

She showed me that sometimes having a go-getter mentality coupled with a love for what my spirit wants to bring to the world has the power to transform my life. She showed me that fire can burn away the fear that can hold me back and that the power in my solar plexus burns as bright as the sun. This queen taught me that I too could live according to what brings me alive.

3. The Queen of Cups taught me the value of my emotions.

She reminded me that emotions are like the water and are meant to flow through me rather than remain stuck within me like stone. The Queen of Cups taught me of the importance of a nurturing and compassionate nature and upholding a heart-centered approach to life. Her loving energy reminds me that forgiveness is always available to me whenever I so desire. This queen taught me that I too could be strong in my vulnerability.

4. The Queen of Swords taught me that being able to cut through the bullsh*t in life is a gift.

She showed me that whether I am the one creating the issues or whether it is other people, I can always choose at any time to clear it up with the swift and precise energy of a sword. The Queen of Swords taught me that speaking my truth is needed in this world and that the suppression of myself serves no one. Her ability to see through the motives of others teaches me that my intuition is something to be cherished. The Queen of Swords reminds me that I too can speak with truth, clarity, and precision.

These descriptions are merely energies that exist within all of us, and to some degree, we might find we are more closely related to some of the queens than the others, but all of them are equally important and each one of them can help to remind us of our strength.

Of course, I write from the frame of reference of a cis female, but I can imagine that anyone who feels within their queen energy can relate to and understand that all of these aspects are a part of what makes us powerful.

Earth, my body (Queen of Pentacles), Water, my blood (Queen of Cups), Fire, my spirit (Queen of Wands), Air, my breath (Queen of Swords)—all of this within and throughout make up our existence. And, we can always look at ourselves as victims of our circumstances or rise up and become the queens that we are.

No, I do not believe the tarot deck to be evil, but rather a gifted teacher to remind us that we are far more powerful than the stories we have been told, or the past in which we have lived, and I imagine my passionate love affair with the tarot deck will only continue to deepen for many years to come.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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