August 16, 2020

Treat your Vagina like a Queen—with Respect & loads of Pleasure. {Adult}

How is your vagina?

I absolutely love this word, and I use it all the time. Vagina, vagina, vagina. To some, it’s taboo; others prefer to use a different name.

Some give it a pet name like “V,” “Vageege,” or “Cooch.” There is also Crotch, Pussy, and the “C” word. I am sure there are many other made-up names that I have never even heard of.

For me, that is not the case. I am the proud owner of a vagina; I use the correct terminology, and I love every bit of her. I can remember when my girls were little. I taught them from an early age that they have a vagina and boys have a penis. I remember the moms of these young children were shocked that I would actually say the word in front of them.

Listen, I wanted my girls to one day love their vaginas. I wanted them to be proud they are girls and be proud that they have a vagina, as every woman should be.

So tell me, ladies, how is your vagina?

Are you taking care of her?

Would you say you have been treating her well by giving her the attention and love that she needs? 

Or have you been neglecting her?

Are you treating her like the goddess that she is, by respecting her for everything that she offers us?

Are you grooming, trimming, and washing her daily, so you can see how beautiful she is?

Are you giving her room to breathe by not hiding behind that wild and crazy hair?

Trust me; she hates it. She can’t see, and it makes her feel out of control. Fortunately, we don’t need all that hair anymore. It was meant for when we were cavewomen without clothing to protect our genitalia.

Now, I’m not saying you need to take all her hair off (that may shock her): you can just trim it to where it is neat. Maybe leave a landing strip (or take it all off so you can admire her beauty). 

Some women do; some women don’t; some keep a little; some keep it all. What I am offering is that you manage her hair so she can breathe! Whatever you choose to do, it’s up to you, as long as you show her some love. That is what truly matters.

Are you helping to take care of her by cleaning her every day—letting her smell fresh?

This, my friends, is so important, especially if you are already in a relationship or want to be. Keeping your vagina clean and fresh is key to an intimate relationship. Not only will you be confident and secure in your inner goddess, but your partner will also become addicted.

Hygiene is extremely important for your well-being. Bacteria build-up can lead you to a doctor visit and a prescription of antibiotics. It’s so much easier to keep her squeaky clean and smelling fresh (which she deserves).

Over 20 years ago, I was working in New York as a licensed aesthetician in a day spa. Besides giving glamorous facials to clients, part of my job was waxing women as well. That’s right—I waxed women’s bikini areas (thankfully, this was before Brazilian waxing became popular).

For those of you who may not know what a Brazilian wax is, it means taking it all off—all the hair off the vagina. Yes, you read that correctly. Ouch! Anyways, I would sometimes walk into the room ready to do a bikini wax and almost choke because of the pungent odor that exuded from some women down there. Do I need to go on?

Ladies, keep your vaginas clean. They deserve it, and so does your partner! And if you don’t happen to have a partner right now, when you do, he or she will love you for being trimmed and smelling fresh. Especially when oral sex is involved. (Wink.)

One more question:

Are you letting your vagina experience the pleasure she deserves?

Our bodies were created to feel pleasure; that is precisely why we have 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris (the little ball). That is a hell of a lot of nerve endings in one tiny little area; it’s meant to feel pleasure. 

Yes, it’s true, we are meant to have orgasms—multiple—with loads of pleasure.

So if your vagina has cobwebs in it and has not been pleasured in some time, it’s time to clean that sh*t out. Go purchase a toy for her. She deserves it, and so do you!

Every woman should own a vibrator. Whether in a relationship or not. It’s how we discover our bodies—where we like to be touched and where we don’t. What feels good, and what settings on the vibrator brings us the most pleasure. Friends, it’s time to bring your inner goddess out!

Do you want to know what I respect the most about a woman’s vagina? She lets babies come out of her, and then she shrinks back to her normal pre-pregnancy size! And she never ever asks for anything in return. If that in itself doesn’t deserve respect, I sure as hell don’t know what does.

Did you read what I just wrote? She can shrink back—baby after baby!

Best f*cking news ever! That deserves an award. She has got your back. Not only does she shrink back, but she also continues to let you feel pleasure again and again. 

Who wouldn’t love her?

Love and respect your vagina. She is beautiful; she is thoughtful; she deserves to be loved.

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