September 1, 2020

Pisces Full Moon: A Time for Deep Emotional Catharsis. {September 2nd}

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We can only heal what we feel.

And, we can only feel what we consciously choose to step and submerge ourselves into. Deep, reactive feelings aren’t comfortable to feel.

We only know their charge and potency by where they take us, whether into old, old stories or into the potential of creating a new, more conscious, self-bolstering one, perhaps a pathway yet to be forged.

Submergence into the emotional waters takes bravery and trust, and also observing our patterns. It takes trust in the self and willingness to withstand the passing storms of life. To withstand the churning of the waters to shine us like pebbles on the shoreline. It is imperative to remember our observational standpoint in the midst of life’s storms, to remember that as intense as the emotions feel and convince us of truth, they are not the full truth.

Awareness of self in times of deep emotional pain or triggering reaction is necessary. To know that the true “self” is the one observing the fleeting emotional debris. All we need to do is show up with kindness. Show up with kind curiosity, to say, “Hello, old friend, sadness,” or “Hello, old friend, anger, how may I serve you?”

To say “hello” to all the emotional fragments of self. To welcome them home into our wholeness. To not judge or shame them into fragmentation any longer. To say to ourselves as we would to a dear friend, “I understand why you would be feeling that way.”

Emotions need nothing more than presence and validation.

We all may be feeling a bit charged up lately. (Hint: there is a full moon brewing in the sky.) A full moon at 10 degrees of Pisces, also called the Harvest Moon, is happening on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 1:22 A.M. EDT.

Pisces is the end of the zodiac. The culmination point of the karmic life cycles on this earth plane. The point of dissolution of our human self back into its spiritual source. The two fish swimming opposite each other. Pisces is a deeply spiritual, sensitive, emotional, wise, and psychic sign. The feeler. The compassionate friend. The empath. The healer. The dreamer.

At its lowest, Pisces energy can be the escapist. The one lost in the clouds or with their head buried in the sand or underwater. At its highest, Pisces is the spiritual healer, compassionate friend, the empathic intuitive wisdom keeper.

Pisces nature is mutable. It is changeable depending on its environment. It feels into its environment constantly—the subtleties, the unspoken language, the nonverbal cues, the energy always in flux. Pisces people know when your words don’t match your energy. You can’t fool these people. Their intuition is spot-on, no matter how much they may try to convince themselves they are being too sensitive or judgy.

Pisces is dual in nature. The two fish swimming opposite the other. The balancing point of submerging deeply into the emotions or into dreamtime, and also, the need to take a breather and come up for air and ground back into the physical realm. The ability to hold the polarities of life—life and death; creation and destruction; endings and beginnings.

We are all ending a cycle depending on what house this full moon is hitting. (You can find this in your natal chart by seeing what house Pisces falls into).

This full moon is stirring the emotional pot of our old triggers and reactions. We are being submerged into it so we can release it. So we can free ourselves from these old limitations, of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Dreamtime may be extra active lately and on and around this full moon. Dreams are messengers and guides. They can show us where we are holding onto old, outdated forms and emotional debris of the past.

We all are feeling extra sensitive lately, as these energies percolate around us. We may be extra sensitive to people’s words, actions, and behaviors toward or around us. We can literally feel others’ intentions and their energy. And, we may be playing out old wounds and triggers that are personalizing it to mean something about us. The origin or source is irrelevant.

What is being stirred in us is for us to heal, not anyone else. Our emotions are ours to be with, to tend to, to care for, to accept, to validate, and to release. No one is ever responsible for how we feel.

It takes massive accountability and self-responsibility to own how we feel, and not to blame anyone or anything else. It takes great wisdom and maturity.

This full moon brings with it sensitivities, deep emotions, but also the capacity for great compassion and healing to find us if we choose it—if we can give the reactive, angsty, emotional, sensitive self, the loving validation it needs to feel safe.

When we are judging the self, we are acting out old wounds and ways of being that were taught or shown to us. What if, instead, we offered the “judge” in us deep understanding and compassion for how it has protected us from pain, humiliation, and rejection? These parts need more love, not less, as beloved spiritual teacher Matt Kahn would say.

So, offer them more love. Remember that that love is within you, even now. It is vast and it is limitless, beyond time and space. It is within and without. Love has no limit or limitation other than the one our minds gave to it.

May this full moon remind us that being sensitive was never a crime. It was never a character flaw to begin with. It was and is a portal into healing. It is a gift. It is a gateway to the magic and mystical realms. Sensitivity is a craft most of us weren’t taught how to hone because we were too busy being judged and condemned for it.

So, let’s not condemn our sensitivities and feelings any longer. Hold your gentle wounds close this full moon. Bless them for the medicine of deepening love for the self they are bringing you, and release them up to Mother Moon. Let her love, that exists within you too, unburden you to begin a fresh new cycle of evolution and deepening love for the self.


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