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September 28, 2020

I’m psychic, and so are you.

Who else remembers the movie: Ghost? One of my favourite movies, way before I found out I was ment to be a Romanian version of Woppie Goldberg’s character. Or as many of my clients humorously point out: I’m a real life “Romanian Gypsy fortune-teller”. 

I was introduced to a world outside our normal point of view, way before I even understood I had the abilities (the gift, as some put it) to read into peoples energies and connect to their Higher Self.

My parents, 80’s underground Romanian New Agers, under the regime of Communism, were doing group sessions and walk-and-talks with one of the greatest Romanian Scholars within a spiritual approach to life. I still remember, how my parents would carry my twin brother and I, out on these evening walks, and listning to the voice of Universe through Valeriu Papa. Mind you, at this point, it was forbidden by the Communist Regime, and yet they always found a way to gather. 

Though, the necessity to leave Romania due to the socio-economical and political situation, my parents remained connected to the holistic view on life, even in the darkest moments. They continued to hold on to each other and to those who promoted a holistically and spiritual approach to life, and even found a new group to gather with in Denmark: the teachings of Martinus Cosmology.

And yet, I was not buying into it. As a teenager, I revolted against this other world, and wanted to keep myself bolted to the “real” world, the conventional, the one society had preached so well to me. For it was this world of “safety” I had been brought into, by fleeing Romania.

Well, just to let you know, the Universe does have a great sense of humor. And for every time I would deny its existence, I would turn around, and the Universe would “hit” me in the face with another spiritual cream pie, just like  in the movies.

And finally after turning my back on spirituality for soo long, that it would literally bring danger into my life, I surrendered.  And I finally came to terms, that my life is about using this intuitive muscle; a connection to the Universe.

My story as a reminder

The Universe has its funny way of, at all times, bringing us back to OR towards our inner connection to this energy-field that is the greater power. Or by some known as the Christ Consciousness (not to be mistaken by the teaching of christianity or other religion). So no matter how far we wonder of, how much hurt we endure or how little we believe, it is still there. 

So a long story short, I want to let you in on a little secret: we all have psychic abilities. And you have probably been led towards it many times in your life. Just take a ride down memory lane, just like I did, and maybe you will find the exact moment you were presented with it the first time. 

We are all clairvoyant/psychics/clairaudient, or whatever variation you are drawn towards. We are all capable of reading energies, and listning to our intuition, forth bringing intuitive images and downloads. It is like a muscle. We all have it, but some of us are not used to using it, or have even been banned from using it as a child.

Our personal intuitive muscle

We have probably all by now tried to feel something was off, or to go a specific place, even though you didn’t know why. Or to enter a room and suddenly feel the energies, and wanted to run. Well, that is called being a psychic or an empath or having an intuition. It is just that simple. 

Back when I re-aligned myself, and accepted that being an intuitive coach/spiritual guide (or what you might call it, in your world), I thought, I had to help others by telling them what the future was holding. But that was a misinterpretation.

I’m not here to tell you what is going to happen. But I am here to present you the possibilities, and also to guide you in using your own intuitive muscle, and attract what I see is yours – almost like a Personal Intuition Trainer, if you like. 

This is why, when clients come asking for: “What is happening in the world?”, “How is the virus going to affect me/us?” “When will I find love?”; etc., it is not about just seeing what is going to happen. It is about helping the person to see what I see on their behalf. To get them to that point, where the can see it all for themselves, if that’s what they want.

And here is, where it all gets tricky. Because some clients come back and tell me: “It all happened, just as your said it will”, while others come back, and what to know, why it didn’t happen (yet). Nothing that a clairvoyant/psychic sees, is set in stone just as is. It is also about how you as a soul in relation to being a human activate the possibilities, taking responsibility and doing the inner work towards being more conscious, so you can see, when the future becomes your present. 

So from me to you, a gentle reminder: Please stop looking at it as “those weirdos” that pretend to know the future, and actually just start training your intuitive muscle and join the group. For yes, I can foresee the possible course of things, but that is not the goal, and just the mean to the goal – the goal of becoming conscious.

It is not expected of anyone, to see what I see, or have the intuitive muscle “so well sculpted” as I have. But we all need to train our intuitive muscle, in order to keep up with the current shift in energies, socio-economical  and political transformations we are about to witness.

I’m still training my muscle, just like a bodybuilder in this field: I’m training and training. If you don’t know how and where to start training this intuitive muscle, find a personal intuitive trainer, find a local community, or just get inspired online, but start today.

And for those who ask: Why we have this ability? Well, is a longer story, that I would gladly include you in another time. But for now, I can say as much: this muscle serves as your protector, your guardian and your guide here on Earth.

And now I’ll grab my favourite mug with tea, install myself in that perfect spot of my couch, putting on the movie Ghost, as I’m taking a day of from my training and foreseeing the future.

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