September 23, 2020

Political Labels Divide us into Angry, Cookie-Cutter Boxes.


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I rarely discuss politics.

I’m the first to leave the table when it enters the conversation, and my love will be the first to tell you how quick I am to turn the news off in the morning.

It all feels like noise to me—blown up by the media to tell a story that is the most self-serving.

Prior to this year, I’ve avoided even educating myself on any of it. Someone telling me how I should or shouldn’t feel hits my soul in a way that lacks integrity or morale.

But 2020 has changed things—we can’t run away anymore.

Society paints a picture that makes us believe there are two clear-cut sides—you are either a Republican or Democrat—conservative or liberal.

But…when did we stop being human?

The question I can’t seem to escape: as a nation, when did our political identity become more important than the identity imprinted on our hearts?

I get that one candidate will do this for our taxes and the other one needs to take a public speaking course, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why our individual, moral choices can’t seem to extend beyond political labels.

I don’t want to know who you are voting for.

I’m not here to have a debate.

The one thing we can’t shut up about divides us at a time when all we need to do is unite.

Can we find our identity outside of the cookie-cutter boxes politics works tirelessly to trap us in?

What issues can we unite on?

What speaks to our hearts?

Handing the power of our identity over to a label moves us further away from our souls—the house of our moral compass.

The issues causing the biggest divide are ones that wouldn’t exist if we found our identity in God, or Spirit, or the universe first—instead of the White House.


*Editor’s Note: It doesn’t matter who you vote for this November—do the research and find what speaks to your heart. Blindly pledging loyalty to labels or sides keeps us stagnant. Mindful, uncomfortable discussion about issues that relate to our simple, human lives are what we need—now more than ever.

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