October 13, 2020

3 Need-To-Know Things about Healing.

Many people were born with healing gifts or feel like they came to Earth to serve others by helping their transmutations. 

Some of them trust their willpower; some trust the support of the universe. Some change their lives by becoming entrepreneurs, yet some things don’t go as they imagined. 

(We will talk about why it happens and how to prevent it.)

Healer, as a word, is more profound and wiser than what we understand today. In ancient times, we had shamans to balance and reconnect to Mother Earth when we were going through more challenging things. Healing could mean many things, but my favorite definition is:

“Connecting your higher self and mother nature during your transmutation journey.” ~ Unknown

Before you continue to read, please ponder what healing means for you.

Here are three important tips for becoming a good (let’s say permanent) healer:

1. Serve from a place of compassion and self-compassion.

At the beginning of their entrepreneurial life, healers want to help everybody they see. But it is not in their power or duty. We don’t heal people; we mediate. When the time is right, and their higher self is ready, healing occurs through you.

Don’t judge your friend or loved one if they’re resisting or escaping. And remember, you cannot control what they take from your offerings. Please do your best, and leave it. Even though you are an ocean, all you can give to them is their cup’s size.

2. Keep working on your transmutation.

As a healer, your primary responsibility is working on yourself. Some healers never stop entirely or take breaks for themselves before they keep working with their clients. That isn’t good for the healer or the client in the long-term. 

Some cases I’ve seen have led the healer to burnout or imbalances of the mind-body-spirit triangle. Whether you are a healer or have another profession, you receive things to keep balance in your daily life. If you neglect yourself, in the end, you will be the one who needs help.

3. Train your thoughts and conscious willpower.

The conscious willpower has a strong relationship with your subconscious. On the path of healing and transmutation, you balance the mind-body-spirit triangle. It helps you to manifest your thoughts and wishes because you’ll have faster access to your subconscious. This is why I first teach about how to think correctly during energy healing training.

As your connection with your conscious willpower gets stronger, you will manifest similar frequencies in your life. What you think and how you create your sentences affects your life more than you can imagine. 

Each of us has a different life path, so we each choose different healing techniques. But there is one common point to remember: the more you honor yourself, the more you contribute to the all.

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