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October 6, 2020

A vow

On behalf of the little hungry for love girl

I once was

On behalf of the strong and sacredly scarred woman

I am now

On behalf of the wild and wise woman

I am becoming

I promise

I will never again

Hold you responsible for another man’s healing

I will never again

Ignore your dreams to support someone else’s

I will never again

Swallow your needs down to soothe his

I will never again

Blame you for not being offered the love you desire

I promise

I will
Be with you in the sunshine and the storms

I will
Speak up for you

I will
Sing when your spirit longs to sing

I will
Love you so fiercely that we will not fear their judgement
or crave their acceptance

I will
Honour you so proudly we will not beg for crumbs of validation

I will
Encourage your wildness and nurture your softness

I will
Forgive you when you forget these vows and love you still.

On behalf of all the little hungry for love girls and boys

On behalf of all our strong and sacredly scarred sisters and brothers

On behalf of the all the wild and wise women and men

We are no longer sacrificing, suppressing or shrinking

We are no longer faking, impressing or detaching

With our voices loud, our heads held high and our bodies boldly taking up all the space they need

We are raw and we are real

We are here.

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