October 15, 2020

Harness the Power of the Super Dark Moon in Libra—with Mars & Mercury in Retrograde {October 14 to November 3}.


“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ Ed.

*Author’s Note: Dark moon in modern astrology is called new moon. I distinguish between dark moon as when the moon is completely invisible in the night sky, and witch’s new moon as the first sign of waxing crescent. The energy for spell work is distinctly different. Dark moon for banishments, new moon for casting dream seeds.


“If you want to know the deepest, darkest, wisest corner of your soul, you must come to my house.

Follow the narrow path winding through the valley of all your past experiences, the wind howling hell-song in your ears, the mountains calling your name. You must surrender your bones to the whispers of gathering rain, and sink your feet into the mud of remembering.

Wise One, there is a fire burning in your belly, and I have one burning in the hearth. Candles are aflame, a kettle simmers with potent herbs. Runes grace the table of our meeting. Walk the wilderness of your heart with me, open the door to your inner knowing, lay down your ancient sword. Unlace your ribs, breathe the air of becoming.

Sit with me, I am wisdom. I am you.” ~ Wisdom Speaks


When wisdom speaks, our heart leans in to listen.

It has no choice because the heart is led and fed not by knowledge but by the composting of it into wisdom.

The Super dark moon in Libra calls to us through the shadows of this past lunar cycle.

Since the previous dark moon, three calls to action have occurred in the cosmos: the autumn/spring equinox, the sun entered Libra, and Mercury stationed in retrograde on October 14th.

Nothing is random or without purpose in the universe. When the sun leaves one constellation to enter another; when the moon waxes and wanes; when planets change their course—they trigger opportunities for soul alchemy.

To the casual observer, this may look like some coincidental circumstance that unfolded, some crappy and unwanted situations, or perhaps something truly magical. It is without fail, a gift to meet life with presence and awareness.

Dark moon in Libra with Mercury and Mars in retrograde calls for clear intention, a return to self (always a good trip), and a focus on relationships.

It is true that our inner work is constantly with us, we are forever creating ourselves, but this moon is particularly focused. It asks us to take responsibility for our human experience and to become embodied in whatever our personal path is.

Because these things are always bumping around in our natal chart, rubbing against this or that cosmic teacher in any one of our 12 houses, we will be tapped on the proverbial shoulder and asked to evolve in one way or another.

Dark moon isn’t shy about asking big questions:

>> What have you to shed?

>> Will you do it all at once like the serpent or in fits and starts? Sometimes we hang on to the old wounds for fear of who we will have to become in a new skin.

>> Where does your heart lead now? Have you the courage to unfold with the new moon even though the road ahead is an unknown?

>> Have you grieving to do? This is holy work. We are missing those rituals in society, where we could wail and strip our clothes, and run naked into the woods to lie on the belly of our earth mother and let her soak up our tears. Perhaps you will create a grief ritual for yourself?

>> Are you willing to love yourself through the uncertainty of being human? Your body works so hard to house you. You are the only human to have ever incarnated with your specific soul blueprint. There will never be another expression of Source like you in all of eternity.

>> Have you rested? Have you really, really rested? Soul rest is not based upon how much we sleep. It is about the process of disengaging with the busyness of the mind, setting time aside for soul food such as forest bathing or journaling or sitting silently with gratitude, allowing ourselves the grace to nourish our own damn self.

I look forward to the dark (crone) moon phase each month—approximately eight days of a waning crescent moon—and give myself permission to ruminate, rest, and compost.

It can be incredibly satisfying to know that nature provides us with a template for coming inward, and creating rich soil for our dreams which are awakened at the new moon. How can we plant new seeds of hope into soil that is not ready?

Dark moon—the sacred pause—is coming home to the heart.

Breathe. Let your bones settle on the earth. Feel the compassionate resonance of Pachamama. Sink deep within your energy of release. Grow some roots, then feel gravity pulling everything you wish to banish through these roots into the core of Gaia. Feel the space you have created within your own being. Pull back anything lost this past month—loosened boundaries, heart space, and unvoiced needs.

Now you are ready to receive and begin a new cycle of Maiden Moon, the waxing crescent. Everything in its time.

You are not a hostage of your life, you are the architect—claim this.

Here are a few mantras for the cosmic energy within and outside of us:

>> I am grounded in what is real, for me.

>> I seek clarity in all things.

>> I trust in my communication.

>> I speak my truth with compassion and love.

>> I open my heart, third eye, and crown chakras to the wisdom of the Universe

>> I am peaceful within the chaos of life.

>> I embrace my humanity.

>> I am open to receiving.

>> I create from the heart.

>> In service to others, I find my purpose.

Moon love to you, Wild Ones.


*Mercury Retrograde: October 14 to November 3, 2020—Area of focus is relationships and communication.

*Mars in Retrograde in Aries: September 9 to November 13, 2020—Area of focus is sex and professional life.

*Dark Moon: October 16, 2020—Area of focus is rest and banishment.

*Witch’s New Moon: October 17th, 2020—Area of focus is new dreams and expansion. 


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