October 2, 2020

If Trump-Haters Rejoice in his Positive Test for COVID-19—What Does that Say about Us?

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Well, the moment has finally arrived.

Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19.

The President of the United States, who has made every effort to minimize the pandemic, is now facing a personal battle with a virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans.

Needless to say, the shock from this news will reverberate throughout the country over the coming days. Endless questions will be brought up on every news outlet.

How serious will this be?

Will they recover?

What if he doesn’t?

What does this mean for the elections?

One cannot underestimate the explosiveness that will occur when the two most widely covered news topics—Trump and COVID-19—merge together.

If we thought that emotions were running high before, prepare for the roller coaster ride that is about to ensue.

An event of this magnitude has the potential to polarize an already divided nation even further.

Supporters will rally behind him, castigating anyone who speaks ill of an ill president.

Opponents will capitalize on this to highlight the many instances in which he has downplayed the severity of the crisis. With tensions high and our rising uncertainties about our individual and collective futures reach a boiling point, things are about to get real.

It’s no secret that many people despise him; never before in history has a president brought about such polarization in our country. Ask any one of your friends or family, they either love him or hate him—nobody is in the middle.

While it may be easy for Trump-haters to celebrate the misfortune of their nemesis, they would be wise to consider what that means.

Fear and hatred have spread through our nation like an infestation—torn apart because of political differences. And while you or I may claim to be against this wave of division—in favor of love—we are not immune from its effects.

It’s all too easy to rally against our enemies.

This is a chance to show our compassion and concern—even for those we may dislike.

It’s a chance to show the country what true empathy and compassion look like. To show that it is, in fact, possible to care about someone we don’t agree with or even someone we detest.

Perhaps, this moment is the opportunity our nation needs right now—a chance to put our differences aside and show that love is stronger than hate.

We have enough anger.

We have enough division.

What our country needs right now is a sign of hope.

If Trump fans and foes alike can put the arguing aside for a moment, maybe we can all remember what it feels like to be united once again.


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