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November 2, 2020

Healing is Risky

Healing is risky and those risks are always different for each of us. As I wrote my book I spent many days gripped in my old base fear memory. It was in this grip I had to take the risk of witness and silence. Each time I sit in this space I find new experiences for my memory bank to build resilience. People think resilience means we don’t feel uncomfortable or challenged again. However from healing I have learnt resilience is feeling uncomfortable and everything around us too. I can have crappy moments at the same time as having faith and seeing possibilities. I can grieve and feel fear and shame and still be curious. Sometimes it maybe so challenging all I can do it breathe without judgement and be curious to learn through the moment and witness instead of react. As we take this risk of sitting in silence and witnessing rather than projecting or fear based actions and thoughts the spiral of trauma unravels so we can become a little more aware where we once were unaware.

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