November 18, 2020

The Ancient & Powerful Yoga Principles that brought me Peace of Mind.

Many people who fall in love with yoga will say the reason they stick to their practice comes down to the peaceful, inner feeling they get when connecting to their breath and experiencing present moment awareness.

This was my experience, too. The stressful corporate job was taking over my life, my time, my relationships, and—quite frankly—my sanity. Eighteen years ago, I decided to start taking yoga classes for that reason. I wanted to take a stand against the stress and chaos that was slowly robbing me of my peace of mind.

The inner connection I started to feel became almost addictive. I wanted to bring that feeling to other areas of my life. I owe a lot of it to my teacher Shashi Pottathil who taught me so much about yoga and its core principles, but also about life framed through the lens of yoga and the ancient wisdom behind it. He helped me realize my own potential and how every one of us has the power to transform the world in one way or another.

His teachings led me to commit to my yoga teacher training, which ultimately made me more certain of my path in life. I wanted to share these ancient and powerful principles with as many people as possible. 

I had the realization that yoga, with its transformative effect on health, is not only what I needed—it is what so many human beings on this planet need. That includes many who may not even know it yet—especially in these transformative times that we are currently living in.

This realization came into clear focus after having my son. I realized kids benefit from starting with yoga early on. For that reason, I’m currently involved in bringing yoga classes to elementary schools in my area. This experience has brought me so much joy. I am seeing the genuine excitement and happiness that shines through children when they are given an opportunity to experience yoga—many of them for the first time.

It inspires me to move toward my goals as a teacher to build a thriving community of students, which includes both adults and children. Being able to share my experience and help others to fall in love with yoga the way I did is my main goal.

My previous career path—and other factors—led me to yoga. Ironically, yoga also helped me discover a new set of professional goals. It led me to trust myself enough to pursue a dream and create my own business.

With my first business I learned firsthand from both successes and downfalls, which is a fairly familiar story for first-time entrepreneurs. Before my son came along, this was my first baby.

After having my son and taking a few years off from business to raise him and rediscover myself, I drew again on my yoga practice for renewal and inspiration. This led me to my second business and passion project, my yoga apparel brand, Sunia Yoga.

Being raised in India as a child until the age of 10, the culture and the way all the gorgeous colors, patterns, and symbols weave into every aspect of life had a profound impact on me from an early age, which has never faded. As I connected with these roots through my studies and the practice of yoga, I experienced a sudden awareness that I wanted to showcase all of that: the rich culture with its beauty and color—through my designs.

It also serves as an example for my son to embrace his cultural roots as he grows up. I want him to be confident in his own skin—no matter what.

This is what yoga has brought about for me. It brought me peace in my heart and mind. There is certainty in my mission to help inspire others to get on the yoga mat. I encourage them to dive a little deeper into their practice. I embrace this precious work-life balance after years of stressful corporate life.

This is something I wish for everyone that is seeking more peace, health, and spiritual centeredness in their lives. This is what I wish to share with everyone who wears my designs, takes my classes, or simply enters my life in one way or another.


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Read 7 comments and reply

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