November 2, 2020

The Lies we Tell ourselves that Make us Feel Unworthy & Ashamed.


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We often tell ourselves things that make us feel unworthy and not good enough. 

In reality, these lies hold us back from seeing our true worth. 

I constantly tell myself that I am a loser and not a good enough mom because we still live with my parents. My partner and I have lived with my parents for seven years now. We had our first child when we were 21 and 22. We had both taken a short break from college and were not expecting to start a family. But there we were, quickly looking for jobs and changing our life plans.

There is a negative connotation surrounding adults who still live with their parents, let alone adults who have kids and are still living with their parents. This negative stereotype has consumed me; I am constantly worried about what other people think of me. Especially when they first find out that me, my partner, and our two kids live at my parents’ house.

We avoid having friends over and setting up playdates at our home because the thought of telling people where we live is overwhelmingly scary; I am afraid that they are going to judge us. 

But, I am deciding to let that sh*t go.

The truth is that we work our asses off. We always have, but even more so since we had our son. We have worked multiple jobs, continued our education, and made sacrifices so that one day we can provide our kids with a house of their own.

We may not have had it all together when we first got pregnant, but we have come a hell of a long way since then. No one can tell us that we fit that negative stereotype. 

People will always have judgments or ideas about how you live your life, but what matters is that you are true to yourself—that you know your worth, even if your journey may look a little different from others. 

Our kids get to have a fantastic bond with their grandparents, and that’s a gift they will have for life. It may be hard, it may make me feel bad sometimes, but it will be okay. We will get there, and all the hard work will be so worth it.

I am trying to say that we shouldn’t believe the lies we tell ourselves; we have to dig deep to see the truth beneath the lie.

If we can rewire our brains to see our worth, we will have a much easier time believing our truths than settling for our lies.


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Read 7 comments and reply

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