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November 8, 2020

The Walls we Build

The Walls We Build
Make sure the walls you build to protect yourself are not becoming your prison. Changes in the external world can cause great suffering when we do not know how to heal ourselves and let go of that which we cannot control. Moments of pain and discomfort or encounters of suffering can break the mental images we have created for this world but we often run away from them instead of take the lessons or we build the walls to defend ourselves.

These walls we build in our minds and hearts make sense when we do not know a better way because we all need to protect ourselves but be aware the walls can turn into prisons and create less space to grow and be free.

Our habits that cause suffering we find harder to release when we are surrounded by the psychological walls we built and they cause stagnation and lack of freedom and space slowly grows smaller. But if we choose the opposite to practice leaning into dissolving these walls, to heal patterns of pain and release burdens, traumas to discover the universe that dwells inside of each of us we can make space again for the new as we let go of that which no longer serves us.

When we journey inward and remove the blocks that we first built walls with we naturally begin to create a state of awareness. This in turn means we now have more space to respond to the outside world instead of reacting blindly and reinforcing old patterns.

Ask yourself often:
Am I observing the situation accurately or am i projecting how I feel onto what is happening?

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