December 1, 2020

November Full Moon in Gemini: Reflections, Healing & Letting Go.

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We have our full moon in Gemini.

The moon relates to emotional temperament, intuition, divine feminine energy, mother energy, fear, and it is a water sign that rules over cancer.

Gemini relates to communication, intellect, curiosity, and it is a mutable (likes to change and move) air sign and is ruled by Mercury. This combo can feel unsteady as air and water are both activators of our intuitive nature.

Sun in Sagittarius helps us expand our conception and understanding of who we truly are—seeking bigger things that are more true to our essence and letting go of the illusions of self.

Last week was filled with dense energy, lots of rest, headaches, lower back pain, sinus problems, and so on. When this happens, it is because we are seeking healing, and our bodies inherently know this. When we slow down and rest or relax, the healing process can happen much quicker and with more ease.

But when we fight through it (which is quite common in society), it prolongs the effort. How were you last week? There are some who were definitely energized and feeling the flow again—some of this relates closely to your personal natal chart reading.

There are strong influences from Mercury, Uranus, and Venus, creating tensions within relationships to either break or expand for the betterment of all people involved.

With this full moon, family cycles are coming forward to be broken. It is worth noting how our family handles communication—with ease, anger, sadness, or resentment. Conflict is neither good nor bad; it is how we respond to conflicts that matter.

Inner conflict is getting a highlighted seat on this full moon with the duality of Gemini. Being the twins, as well as the sun and the moon in opposition, a lot of tension between inner struggles, masculine and feminine energies (not bodies), and being brought forward in relationships in general.

Neptune is still at home in Pisces, letting us get lost in the dream world where this full moon eclipse is really pulling us into the reality of the situation—there is no hiding anymore. We have to stand up, hold ourselves accountable, and stop letting other people, places, or things distract us from our truth.

Society is witnessing a change, a duality in belief systems, and an uprising, which are also in alignment with this energy system moving through us right now. It is important to stay in our heart space and away from anger and deceit. Anger has a purpose when channeled in the right way, but lashing out, judging others, and yelling are not those things.

When there are too many choices, options, or the illusion of options, simplify and anchor in so you can choose. We should stop floating in the illusions and believe that we can create that which we desire and work toward it, step by step.

Root chakra and sacral chakra clearings

It includes letting go of financial beliefs related to struggle, healing family relationships through forgiveness and letting go, closing family trauma cycles, healing sexual wounds, identity wounds, relocating home or work, honouring our ancestors before us, and remembering that their blood flows through us and that we can hand back their pains.

Crown chakra, third eye, and throat chakra clearings

We are connected to the universal energies—no one can take that away from us. Stop outsourcing for intuitive guidance and start trusting in ourselves, speak clearly, and hear others with integrity. Trust ourselves—we are the only ones who know what is right for us.

Cards pulled

Fear in reverse: Stop being afraid of others’ opinions. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back; it is an illusion. Stop letting others give you advice on what is best for you.

Resilience: You can do it. Keep going. Don’t give up. This is not the time to stop searching, to stop fighting, to stop loving. You can do it all, even harder. You got this.

The unexpected: Room is being made for you to receive that which you have been working toward in an unexpected way. Stop waiting for something to show up and be open for it to show up in your life. We can get stuck looking in one direction when, in fact, if we lift our heads a little higher, we can see an entirely new way. Expect the unexpected.

Attraction: Be clear in what you are calling into your life—the universe responds with the same amount of clarity that we provide. This is eclipse season, so everything is heightened. Ask mindfully and be clear. Get clear with yourself about what it is you are seeking or calling in. Don’t just wash over it like it is no big deal. Great things are flowing to you.

Purity: Clear, cleanse, let go. We are in a time of purifying our energies, minds, and bodies. Some of us may want to do a cleanse, while some of us are holding onto stuff that just needs to go. Stop looking at the same thing and expecting it to look different. Open yourself up to the clearing powers of the full moon by standing outside, your feet firmly on the ground, your palms facing forward, and breathe in a white light flowing from the moon into the top of your head and flowing all down your body.

Be honest, and let the things that are holding you still fall off.



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