November 29, 2020

Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: the Healing is in the Details. {November 30}


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Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

This last year has shifted the ways in which we connect and communicate with each other.

Many of us have become even more mired in our phone and social media usage, looking to this external source for a sense of deeper connection and value of what we are or are not sharing with the world.

I’ll be the first to admit: I am a phone addict.

I’ve known it for some time. My family knows it. My sister adamantly points it out every second she can get. I use my phone in shame a lot of the time, knowing full well, for whatever reason, I am choosing to check out. It deeply bothers me that my mind is so agitated and obsessed about the incessant need to respond right away to any and all messages. It honestly feels like a monster that only grows and grow the more I try to ignore it.

Oh, but wait, this was supposed to be about the full moon. Okay, got it. Well this full moon and lunar eclipse is ruled by the mercurial mind, Gemini—the thinker, the overthinker, the obsessive thoughts, the distracted mind, the overanalyzer. But these are really the shadow traits of Gemini. Many of which a lot of us have, especially those with sun, rising, moon, or any notable points in Gemini in their chart.

As a Gemini moon myself, my emotions are ruled by this erratic, compulsive, obsessive, frenetic, endlessly busy sign. It’s quite exhausting, let me tell you.

Gemini is the hat wearer. The social one. The life of the party. The endlessly curious one. The person with five jobs. The person who, dare I say it, uses social media like it’s their job—or second job. Gemini energy is percolating through the ethers these days with the Beaver Full Moon and lunar eclipse landing at eight degrees of Gemini on November 30, at 1:30 a.m. PST.

Eclipses bring change. Transformation. Solutions. A new path opening and clearing for us. Maybe one we never expected or even anticipated. They’re an opportunity to make shifts in our lives.

The last eclipse season we had was six months ago, in May 2020. We can look back and see what changes were made then. What shifts happened? Who were we then and who are we now? Maybe much has changed and maybe only subtle change can be seen from this vantage point.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury: the mind, technology, communication. How we engage or disengage with our direct or more virtually lived reality. Gemini is curious, vivacious, and busy energy—the energy of play.

Gemini is the intellectual, the twins, dual nature, the land of extremes, the need for constant stimulation. We may have been feeling a bit more stimulated these days. Our minds may be busier with activity. Eclipse energy can also bring in more erratic sleep patterns, with either the need for more sleep or less some nights. Dreamtime has been active lately too, signaling to us themes and cycles we need to close out. Patterns have been reappearing in dreamtime, letting us know what this time means for us individually.

This present energy is bringing in change in the detail aspects of life. It’s movement-oriented, coaxing us to make the changes we know we need to make. But these need not be huge, sweeping changes.

Gemini is in the details of change. Even one small change in our day can make a difference. Changing the ways in which we nourish our bodies with foods or more rest. The ways in which we take a needed break from social media or our phones. The ways in which maybe we are being guided to speak up and communicate a truth to friends, family, or loved ones. Small changes, small steps lead to bigger change down the road after all.

Of course, in these shifts, we may feel discomfort. But this is not a feeling we need to get away from—even if we really, really want to. We can allow the feelings to surface. Witness the self. Know that there is great value in this process. And that it takes great courage to make shifts.

To turn away from the familiar.
To sit in the discomfort.
To not seek our usual methods of escape and distraction.
To see the wisdom that wants to come through.
To see that there is a multitude way of doing things.
To see that it is safe to experiment with change in the more minute aspects of life.

We can use Gemini energy to get curious about this process. To find lightness and less seriousness in the density of life.

We can feel so damn overwhelmed these days. Our minds can feel overstimulated by this energy and the energy at large surrounding the pandemic. It makes total sense why it’s not been easy to stay present with the changes and the intensity of feelings that may have been surfacing.

But we can remind ourselves that there is a great wisdom in this process, guiding us still, even if our minds still don’t know how to trust it. Or, if they still want to overcomplicate it. Or try to obsess and worry it all into its right place. But wisdom is simple. It’s a simple knowing that says, “This has to shift.”

Of course, we must muster the courage to shift. And, we must garnish the audacity to stick with the changes we make, little by little. Even if our minds are screaming at us to turn back and retreat into the zone of our comfort—stifling, small, and oppressive as it may feel.

Letting go is an art form. It takes a willingness to be uncomfortable. But when we do let go, there is so much more space for healing energy to come in. For new energy to be created.

This full moon and lunar eclipse energy is just that invitation, even if our minds are left spinning. Return to simplicity. Let go of one thing—just one. Make one small change today. Take care of your mind, and recognize that the break our minds really need are rarely found buried in our phones or head-deep in social media.

That’s one thing I am seeking to make changes around. Maybe you are too. Maybe together we can step into discomfort and let go of the things that drain or deplete us, even if they seduce us with their feeble attempts to refill us. We are wiser now to know better, to know what does and does not give us energy or life back.

This energy is bringing us a potent opportunity to shed another layer of self, of habits, of deadened weight. A time to come home to the self and not distract any longer from the wisdom of change that is inviting us in. Solutions and answers can appear suddenly when we do.

Gemini energy is here to invite us to make the mundane magical again. To let go of the obsessions and the overanalyzing and just be with the potency of magic, right here. To consciously connect with our minds and our hearts.

Also in aspect to Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus, this full moon can invite sudden change and disruption, but also a Venusian invitation to reassess our daily rituals and get curious about where and how we can add more love into the mix—toward self and other.

The healing is in the details after all. And, it’s rarely in our mind’s addictive grab toward our phones or social media check-ins, mainly check-outs. Healing is in reestablishing connection to this moment. This reality. This next wave of detail and life inviting us in.

Gemini energy is perhaps just the energy we need to get curious about ourselves, our habits, our desires, and our need for change. And we do, in fact, have the courage underneath any fear to make the change, one tiny step at a time. So take the daylong break from social media. Take one hour. Make one small change to your life. And be with whatever discomfort surfaces.

You will survive it.

Hell, we’ve survived a whole year of discomfort. And, I’ll be damned if we get duped into believing we can’t survive anymore. Last I checked, discomfort never killed anyone.

So breathe. Deepen into this exact moment with curiosity. Change is always upon us; it’s time we befriended it. It’s time we realize that change is the very essence of this one fleeting life, and when fears and discomfort ultimately arise, may we do one self-loving thing to hold our own hand through it all.

Hand on heart, there is wisdom for us in these changes. Detail by minute detail, the shifts can and will guide us home.


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