December 4, 2020

The One Thing that can Help us with Stress, Anxiety, Isolation, Overwhelm.

“Maitri can help us with stress, anxiety, isolation, overwhelm. It can help us be present. It can help us heal—and rediscover our basic goodness, letting go of our sense of lifelong guilt.” ~ Waylon Lewis

If you could only be your own best friend—honest, but loyal, but honest—you would be able to relax into any situation.

The good news: you can. The bad news: it’s hard, and takes a while.

Maitri is the art of developing an unconditional friendliness toward every part of our sweet selves—the tired, the mending, the broken, the wonderful, the always-changing.⁠

Maitri is about kindness toward oneself, but it’s about more than baths and Epsom salts.⁠

It’s about making friends with the parts of ourselves we despise or bully or hide away.⁠ It’s about making friends with the parts of ourselves we “like,” too, and exploit, or show off.

It’s not about getting “better”—the true, good, kind version of yourself is right here, right now.⁠

And we’ll help you get there.

Fall in love with your sweet self.

Spend three weeks befriending every part of yourself. Join our live Maitri: How to Fall in Love with your Sweet Self course with Elephant Academy.

You’ll get: ⁠

  • 3 live classes with Waylon Lewis
  • Our entire online course, with 3 hours of video lessons & 4 guided meditations
  • Writing prompts to help deepen your connection to yourself and your Maitri practice
  • Teachings to directly change and heal your life’s path

Save $75 with code SWEETSELF. Click here to join.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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