December 16, 2020

The Star of Bethlehem Returns: Don’t Miss the Magic behind the Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction. {December 21st}

As if 2020 wasn’t already the year to remember, it seems we are closing out the year with a Saturn and Jupiter conjunction, which will form the Christmas Star in the night sky on the eve of the winter solstice—something that hasn’t happened in over 800 years.

I feel so much magic behind this message from the divine.

In her book “A Return to Love,” Marianne Williamson defines Christmas as “a symbol of change and the birth of the new self, mothered by our human self and fathered by God.” She goes on to say that Mary symbolizes the feminine within all of us, and it is therefore our holy function to say yes to being impregnated by spirit and not abort the process, so that the Christ within all of us can be born.

No, this is not about religion, though Christ is often associated with such teachings, but rather a reminder to all of us that the divine child—the child that loves unconditionally—exists within all of us. I get that this star of Bethlehem is more than just the science of these two planets orbiting so closely to one another.

On a spiritual level, we are being reminded that we are never alone. This conjunction is showing all of us that no matter how dark things appear to be, there is always an inner light that can bring us back to our truth.

In the energy report for November, I mentioned that this is a time of change. This conjunct during eclipse season along with it being heightened on the precipice of shortened days indicates that we always being guided back to our divinity, if we will only say yes to being impregnated and not abort the process.

Spiritual awakenings are some of the most painful experiences, as we let go of old ego identities and we start softening. When we are in our darkest nights of despair and anguish and we are cursing our guides and angels or God for all the pain we have endured; when we are ugly crying and asking why and throwing our temper tantrums and getting it all out of our system, only then do we come to realize that God has been patiently waiting for us to return as our childlike self.

Put another way, we have given birth to our divine child within. We find we have always been loved without condition, and that we always have the light of hope that exists somewhere under the blanket of darkness.

Mostly, we find that this love is not something found outside of us, but rather within us, around us, and all throughout us. It is the light that shines when all hope is lost, when there is nowhere left to run and nowhere else to turn but within. I believe that light is always beckoning us to come back, no matter how far off our path we may travel. It is the North Star that guides all of us home.

On an energetic level, the Saturn/Jupiter conjunct appears to be teaching all of us a valuable lesson in balance. We have Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion, and we have Saturn, which is a planet of restriction. With these two planets so close to one another, there could be some things that are calling to you in regards to balance and change. This could have to do with the relationship you have with yourself, the world, your finances, career and/or a lover, but of course, it will be unique to you depending on which houses these planets occupy on your natal chart.

I get the sense that we all might need to take an honest look at where we are overgiving or not giving enough, whether that is time, money, or energy. We might also be asked to balance ego and spirit, with Jupiter being the planet of higher learning and Saturn representing materialism. It can be easy to indulge more in one way of being over the other, so maybe this is a time to reevaluate where you might be out of balance.

If you find that you are on the twin flame path at this time, this path is all about Christ Consciousness and unconditional love. Have you forgotten? I ask because the entire cosmos seem to be reminding all of us of this truth. There is a reason so many twins are finding one another, and it has everything to do with embodying true love and anchoring in the light during all this darkness.

No matter what you resonate with the most one thing is clear: 2020 is the year of change. It has forced all of us to slow down and go within, which is feminine energy at its finest, and whether you relate to that metaphorically or in the physical sense, the divine feminine within all of us is waking up.

“The angels awakened Mary in the middle of the night and told her to meet them on the roof. ‘The middle of the night’ symbolizes our darkness, confusion, and despair. ‘Come to the roof’ means to turn off the television, sober up, read better books, meditate, and pray. The angels are the thoughts of God. We can only hear them in a pure mental atmosphere.” ~ Marianne Williamson

It seems that we are all being awakened by the call—the angels are beckoning us onto the roof.

Are you listening?


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