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January 8, 2021

Body Positive and Being Fit Doesn’t Mean no Cellulite

This world is so full of filters and perfect angles online. Perfect edited humans, smooth lines and no lumps and bumps. I came across these shots and thought I would share them. Not flawed or perfect but me. After my Live with @jadebeallphotography I wanted to share a raw post that shows two angles unedited of me dancing. I have cellulite. It is human. I have had a child my body has changed since a girl. I continue to work on myself but I am not perfect and never have been and I don’t want to be. Social media seems to show perfection but if we wish to really love ourselves we have to own all parts of us and be willing to love all parts of us. I just want anyone to know that just because I am fit, does not mean I do not struggle with society perfect standards, body insecurities. There is no perfect body as society wants us to believe, especially in a world that finds fault with all of us. Many people ask me how to stay healthy, get a strong or fit body. It is a continual work in progress. It is working with my body cycles, mindset, darkness and light every day. Some days I don’t feel loved because I do not love what I am and other days I feel loved because I do love what I am. It has never been about the outside world approval it has always been about my ability to challenge my thoughts of darkness. Some days I am motivated to train and other days I am not. I train 5 days a week getting up at 5am, work and raise a daughter it’s hard. It never been about being motivated it has been about challenging my dark thoughts. I hope for those that are struggling with motivation and self love they check out incredible @jadebeallphotography and remember body positive as Jade says is everybody inclusive and working on our tendencies, thoughts and self. The world needs our love and kindness you got this you are already beautiful just as you are xo

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