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January 14, 2021

I wish the world would have a mute button for every time we judged

Everyone of us have and do do this. Something I shared in my book was about healing and becoming less judgmental (Book Brave, Beautiful and Baring it All on Amazon). Mindfulness is about becoming aware. Some do it more than others but the point is we all do it. I wish this world had a mute button for every time we wanted to share judgment about others which we know nothing about. Just like a curse word goes beep on the radio so do our judgments get beeeeeppppeeeedddd. You see in order for us to judge another person we can not use labels, statistics or opinions. We have to first learn about them and meet them and talk with them and spend time with them without a bias to begin with. The more we can learn about a person and the shoes they have walked in and their experiences and history. The more likely we would see compassion instead of judgment for all they have walked in this life and experienced. The less likely we are to define and judge. Sometimes we may even find a new human and/or friend that we like instead of judge. Imagine all the people in the world we have met that we now are disconnected from because of our or their ignorance to condemn and if we took or they took the time to learn about us instead of judge us, how much more connected we would actually be. My message is this and my lifetime goal is this. I want people to heal. I want every human in this world to heal. I believe when we heal we all heal a small part of this world and we all feel more loved and connected.

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