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January 3, 2021

There is power in allowing ourselves to be known and heard, by owning our unique stories & voices

The first art I ever created raw and human moving my body unapologetically was the first time I ever allowed myself unapologetically to be me in my life and share it. As a survivor of many horrors, an attempt on my life, losing a child and pre and postnatal depression. I realise the fear of being myself and vulnerable is hard to live with, but it’s harder not to live at all and let the past to define my life as this is only some of my story. Our lives are simply the expression of our beliefs. Where our mind goes our life follows. A few years ago I took my shattered soul and broken heart and started making this art sharing my yoga and fitness online. My journey of becoming not perfect but being 100% me.

This art and sharing on social media taught me how belonging so fully to myself and willing to stand alone in the storms of life, untamed and searching in solitude, is a place for me. It is so healing, awe inspiring & dangerous at the same time that it is feared but yet we all seek it. It feels so wrong but feels so right in its vastness and unpredictability. This place is always where I find my true belonging. The place I’m most scared to go but the place that always leaves me being whole in my being, because I can just be. We so often delight in the beauty of the swan, butterfly & those that have made it but rarely acknowledge the changes they go through to become and achieve their awesomeness.
It’s time for us all to plant a seed, be uncomfortable in the growing pains and allow the solitude to be insane. Enjoy the messes, the differences, the fucked up and all that is between while opening to allow truth to be discussed through us and to us. Let us break down the inferiority complex we all hold, so we can reaffirm we all are somebody, just as we are, no competition & no comparison. There is power in allowing ourselves to be known and heard, by owning our unique stories & using our authentic voice. And there is grace in been willing to listen to others & hearing others while letting go of the biases, assumptions, stereotypes that unnecessarily divide us. More than anything else we need our own self to become whole, more the anything else the world needs us to become whole again. So this world can heal and be an upward spiral instead of a downward spiral.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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