February 11, 2021

A 10-Minute Self-Regulation Practice for Dark Moon in Aquarius. {February 11}

Dark Moon

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ Ed.


A 10-Minute Self-Regulation Practice for Dark Moon in Aquarius.

Having a consistent moon practice can be one of the best ways to self-regulate emotions within a monthly cycle.

I like breaking things up into bite-size pieces when it comes to practices, to make things more accessible and enjoyable.

Our emotions fluctuate according to hormone shifts during the month and phases of the moon. When I take the time to notice which phase Luna is in, I can be more gentle with myself, more compassionate, knowing that it is perfectly normal to feel the way I do.

The cosmic womb, your womb, your emotions, Luna, the ocean, are all part of an energetic frequency that ebbs and flows, observes high and low tides. It is incredibly important to understand ourselves as creatures of change. What has been most damaging is to have an expectation of smoothness, or emotional stability if you will, on a day-to-day basis.

Allow yourself the flushes of highs and lows. Be in harmony with what is.

During Dark Moon, our emotions are gestating, brewing, composting; preparing ground for new moon expansiveness as soon as Luna reveals her first crescent to the world. If your bleed is during the waning and dark moon, you may experience more of your shadows—those unwitnessed places coming up for integration.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in a stellium with Aquarius, peaking at Dark Moon on the 11th. This will amplify reflection and detachment, remoteness and objectivity, and is accurately aligned with Crone Moon energy. As above, so below, my loves. As in your heart, so with the heart of the cosmos and vise versa.

Wild One, you are one with nature, let this time be your rest and nourishment.

Here is a 10-minute practice to honor those deep emotions.

Sit comfortably with your back straight, draw in three deep breaths, connecting to your lungs and the element of Air.

Place your hands on your womb, thumbs together, pointer fingers together, such as in Yoni Mudra.

Bring attention to your womb, feel her energy like the ocean, connect with the element of Water.

Anchor yourself through your sitz bones, root down and feel the element of Earth, allow Pachamama to hold you unconditionally.

Imagine a warmth in your belly, the element of Fire supporting your internal fires.

Open to the cosmos, Spirit, the stars, sun, planets, and Luna through your crown.

Feel the balance within you—harmony is you.

Your exhale could be:

I honor my womb’s wisdom

I honor the darkness, chaos, and mystery of my emotions at Dark Moon

I honor the sovereignty, fearlessness, and self-love emanating through my womb

I anchor myself in love

I live in peace with my changing beingness

I rest, introspect, and transform with Luna

I release the past month and integrate its medicine

I make space for New Moon rebirth

I accept what is and receive new insights

I am

I am

I am

Sit with this for as long as needed.

Blessed Dark Moon Beloved!

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