February 10, 2021

A New Moon in Aquarius & 7-Planet Stellium Ignites Change in our Lives. {February 11}

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A rare seven planet stellium peaks on the new moon in Aquarius igniting change in our lives.

Change isn’t just what happens; it’s what we create. 

On Thursday, February 11th, we will celebrate a rare seven-planet stellium peaking with the New Moon in Aquarius. It will be the moment we’ve needed to take a big step forward in our lives.

In astrology, a stellium is when five or more planets congregate within one sign. The one occurring this week is comprised of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun, asteroid Pallas, and the Moon, all partaking in a divine meeting within the air sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is the energetic frequency of all of 2021.

Each year there tends to bring its own specific energy. Last year was all about Cancer, the sign of home and family, where we all mostly found ourselves having to be and focus on. But this year, it’s all about the new chapters and beginnings of Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel with a cause, the one who helps us think of new solutions to old problems and propels us so far outside of our comfort zone there is nowhere to go but everywhere. They are creative, loyal, and understanding. While they will always operate for the better of the collective, they are also individualistic enough to never let someone else decide what makes them happy.

This is the energy that is being poured into all of our lives this year. So, no matter how stuck or stagnant we may feel, change is always one decision away.

To get a better understanding of the areas of our lives that will be affected, here is what area each planet rules over:

>> Saturn: divine timing, karma, rules, family conditioning, major life lessons

>> Jupiter: abundance, freedom, the future

>> Mercury: communication, both eternal and our internal dialogue with ourselves

>> Venus: love, relationships, commitment, and our homes

>> Sun: our external self, situations, changes, and our identity

>> Pallas: fertility, natural cycles of life, beginnings, and endings

>> Moon: emotions, internal and authentic self

To have all of these planets combine within the air sign of Aquarius signifies a great change in all of our lives (regardless of whether we’re aware of it at this moment or not).

This stellium is one factor as to why this year is dominated by that energy. But the other is that while last year we had four bookend Cancer moons, this year we will have three Aquarian moons, including back-to-back full moons this summer.

So many times, in astrology, it seems we speak of “big change” and “important moments,” but it’s not the saying of it that makes it so. It’s about actually creating the change that we seek.

Because Aquarian energy is air, it means that we will be thinking and communicating more. This is the basis of change because we often suppress thoughts that feel too big or avoid those uncomfortable conversations because we’re afraid of what will happen.

But when we communicate better, we also open ourselves to the results or effects of that communication. This is why many of us will either be reaping or planting the seeds of change in the coming week, even if there are some other mystical forces at play.

Part of the energy that we will still be making the most of this year is that of The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. This aspect really helped propel us out of the trenches of feeling like there was never going to be a way out of the situations that we felt stuck within. (We were still in progress, though.)

On our life journey, when we encounter a new change, one of the biggest milestones is accepting the change itself. Only once we can accept how we feel and what direction we’re being drawn toward can we then help create our fate.

Almost every area of our lives will be coming into focus around this new moon’s time on the 11th. This is another important factor; it represents a master-builder number in astrology, signifying that it’s an important stepping stone to creating the life that we want. Regardless of if we use this energy to take action or simply observe what comes up around this time, it’s an energy of creation.

As much as we can’t truly ever mess up what is meant for us, it doesn’t mean that we can be cavalier with it either.

To accept that a particular life change is inevitable means that we also realize its value and greater meaning in our lives because to do one without the other is still to remain blind to the truth.

New moons are a time for new beginnings. With this sign of new beginnings alongside the rare stellium, we are truly turning a corner that we’re never going to return from. It’s okay to have mixed feelings as we take these tentative first steps.

Just because we’re excited about beginning a new chapter doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to mourn the old.

It’s perfectly normal to simultaneously feel excited about what’s to come while wondering how we can possibly leave what currently is. And while this is true in every facet of life, it’s especially true in love.

Because Venus and asteroid Pallas are influencing the energy with this lunar cycle, there will be a big effect on our relationships—past and present. Adding to that, we still have about 10 more days of Mercury retrograde. It’s time to reflect on the choices and decisions that were made from January to March of last year.

We are being given not just the gift of reflection with this new moon but of courage.

Courage to grow into all the places we’ve dreamt of but were too afraid to believe we could.

Courage to be who we truly are despite all those who profit from our masks.

But perhaps most of all, it’s the courage to simply begin again—no matter how many times we told ourselves we never would.

Because while beginning, especially in love, can be terrifying, it’s also beautiful; it means we rediscovered our hope.

And that is the beginning of the Universe being able to take over and figure out what we couldn’t.



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