March 12, 2021

A 4-Minute Fix for “Tech Neck” that’ll Change your Life.

Our bodies were not built to stare at a screen for eight hours a day.

And this is just the minimum, for many of us. Including me.

Between working online full-time and my own personal use of laptops and mobile devices, my neck and shoulders take a lot of strain.

Even though I have a standing desk.

Even though I’m fit and active.

Even though my sweet sons offer to give me (ineffective but adorable) shoulder massages from time to time.

My neck and shoulders still ache and I’m terrified of developing the dreaded “neck hump” that so many deskbound folks end up with.

Clearly, my tech’s been listening in while it ruins my neck, because, the other day, this video popped up as a suggestion on my YouTube sidebar:

“Quick 4-minute fix for Neck Hump.”

Neck humpalso known as a Buffalo hump or a Dowager’s humpis actually a fatty deposit around the vertebrae of the cervical spine that your body stashes away there in an effort to protect that area from the repetitive strain you’re subjecting it to. Kinda gross, right? But also totally fixable, as it turns out.

Take it from ol’ square-eyes and rounded shoulders over here, this chiropractor-recommended routine is a total game-changer!

You will not believe the sweet relief and freedom around the base of your neck and shoulders, pretty much immediately. I try to do it daily now, even though I don’t actually have a neck hump. (Hopefully, now, I never will.)

So, whether you just have stiff shoulders, a bad case of “tech neck,” or you’re literally turning into Quasimodo in front of your screen, give it a go:


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Read 32 comments and reply

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