April 28, 2021

5 Simple (but Crucial) Ways to Embrace Change, Growth & Purpose.

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Close your eyes.

Feel your heartbeat with a delicate touch and create a convergence of your mind, body, and soul.

What you feel is a call to action to live by design, embrace change, growth, and purpose. The rhythm is a reminder of the precious gift of time, an invitation to cherish every breath, every pulse.

We only live once, but in our world, chasing distractions and dreams—curated by greedy marketing gurus who are more interested in bottom lines than balanced minds—is the unfortunate “gold standard” of living.

Because we feel like we are not enough, nothing we have seems sufficient—not our bank balance, and not our looks. We grind and strive each day, achieving and accumulating more in a desperate search for fulfillment.

Anything less equates failure; anything slower is boring; anything simple is outdated.

Even in our sad pursuit for perfection, a beating heart is an opportunity to improve the quality of our lives and redirect focus to things that truly matter: love, family, and peace of mind.

Here are five simple ways to lead a better life without destroying ourselves or our planet:

1. Give love

The gift of love is the greatest. It is inborn and unblemished until society corrupts it and teaches us about hate.

When we give love, we feel a part of something greater than ourselves, contributing toward the greater good and a better world. The reward also transcends the temporal high from the feel-good chemicals released by the brain. And it’s not all about money.

For example, I give love by sending random “how are you?” texts to people, and I receive sweet messages in return, which uplifts my spirit. Acts of kindness and empathy drive a sense of purpose and have the potential to heal deep psychological wounds.

2. Stay hydrated

Water is life. At least 60 percent of our body comprises water, and the same covers close to 70 percent of Earth’s surface. That tells you everything you need to know about this natural phenomenon.

The benefits of staying hydrated are endless. Drinking at least three liters of water daily improves our overall well-being. Unfortunately, water remains undervalued, underutilized, and under-appreciated.

To save myself from dehydration (I drink less than I should), I joined a Facebook group that aims to make drinking water fun—to increase my daily intake.

3. Take deep breaths


This sounds ridiculous because breathing is natural to humans.

But it’s true that we sometimes forget to breathe properly and intentionally. We are always crunching numbers, plotting scenarios, always on the move, and under immense pressure to meet deadlines and produce results.

Therefore, we engage in shallow breathing or chest breathing, which hampers blood flow and increases stress and anxiety.

Taking deep breaths is a proven technique to reduce blood pressure and help us relax amidst the chaos. The next time you are feeling cranky, take a few deep breaths to improve your mood.

4. Mind your business

Grasping the concept of minding your business is crucial for personal development and sustenance. It may seem contradictory when compared to showing empathy and caring for others. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s one thing to feel the pain and loss of others, and it’s another thing to play “Bob the Builder,” trying to fix people and situations beyond our control.

It’s a recipe for hypertension and self-deprecation.

The key element to this concept is control. In a world where there’s no shortage of drama, self-control is the antidote to overindulgence. It doesn’t take much to feel overwhelmed. How much drama can your mental health take in one lifetime?

5. Lower your expectations

Many confuse lowered expectations with lack of ambition at work or lack of faith in people. While that may be debatable, what is not is the parallel between one’s level of expectations and the associated stress.

According to The American Institute of Stress, 120,000 people die every year from work-related stress. We don’t have such statistics for psychological pain, but I can bet my last dollar that you, the reader, have experienced disappointment by someone at some point.

In our world, reality is often an illusion. People aren’t always what they seem. Products may not deliver as promised. To protect our peace and sanity, it is wise to regulate our optimism and expectations.

In conclusion, there are no blueprints for navigating life. But appreciating the gift of life and the beauty of nature is a good place to start.

Securing our overall health and inner peace is also a priority.

Death is inevitable, so why don’t we just live, love, and laugh?

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