April 1, 2021

Men are Getting Away with Rape Culture & Supreme Court Justices are Helping Them.

Men are still getting away with rape culture and Supreme Court Justices are helping them.

Just a few days ago, USA Today posted an article about the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision to not convict a Minnesota man of rape because the woman was willingly intoxicated beforehand.

“The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that a person can’t be found guilty of sexually assaulting someone who is intoxicated if that person willingly ingested drugs or alcohol.”

There are good men; I wholeheartedly believe that, and I know many.

But until we don’t have such loose laws allowing men to get away with rape, until we stop blaming women in every possible manner for the rape they experience, I don’t want to hear another f*cking word about how women should be kinder to men.

Not one f*cking word.

According to the USA Today article, Supreme Court Justice Paul Thissen wrote that “the lower court’s definition of mentally incapacitated regarding the case ‘unreasonably strains and stretches the plain text of the statute’ since the victim was intoxicated before she met Khalil, her attacker.”

This isn’t the first nor the last instance in which men are getting away with rape. Officers of the law, who are holding women in custody, can rape them and say they didn’t even if the detainee speaks up and says she was raped.

You can read more about this disgusting “consent” loophole here.

A New York case revealed that,

“While the Prison Rape Elimination Act protects inmates from sexual abuse by prison staff, the law does not apply to detainees who have not been convicted of a crime. Forced sexual conduct is illegal in every state in any context, but in states without a law mandating otherwise, police can argue a consent defense if detainees accuse them of rape.”

Don’t tell us that women shouldn’t be worried or fearful.

I am at a loss for words.

Rape is constantly justified in favor of men after women take all their bravery to speak out against something so traumatizing.

Brock Turner was let off early on good behavior after raping a woman and getting caught.

It is for this reason that women will keep speaking out about patriarchy and this odd f*cking mentality that men are entitled to any kind of f*cking attention from women.

When court systems tell the world that a Minnesota man will not be convicted for rape because the woman he raped was intoxicated beforehand, they tell women:

They cannot go out and drink with their girlfriends.

They cannot have a drink at dinner.

They cannot enjoy an evening out, because if they get raped, the court system will not rule in their favor.

They must be alert at all times.

They can’t go visit Minnesota. (seriously)

They cannot trust the environment or the people around them.

Rulings like this show women that going through the trauma of a rape kit will do no good because ultimately a court will rule rape as their fault anyway and the aggressor will get away with their actions.

This is what you are telling all women.

Mothers, daughters, friends, nieces—any woman you hold dear will now have to practice more situational awareness because six people in a Supreme Court ruling decided a man who committed rape was not at fault—that he was innocent.

I have never personally been raped. I have met many women who have been raped. I have been moments away from situations where I could have been raped and was able to safely leave. This doesn’t happen to all women.

Rape is more than just a problem.

Until men change and heal as a whole, until courts stop ruling in a man’s favor in evident situations of rape and sexual assault, women will continue speaking out against them and their behavior.

These are our bodies.

Our bodies don’t belong to men. They are not objects to be acquired or handled without our consent.

When rape happens, free will and choice are taken.

Stand up and make it stop. Please.

Women are terrified.


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Read 8 comments and reply

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