May 23, 2021

A 15-Minute Midday Ritual to Relax, Reset & Reignite.


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A lot of us have written about morning and evening rituals, but what about midday?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to experience the “afternoon slump” as we’ve coined it.

Our brains have been working since our eyes opened (and possibly before!), so we need some downtime to reboot during this time of the day.

Rituals and routines are helpful for our ego and psyche to process information, changes, and feelings. Our brain benefits from a certain amount of structure, so having activities built into our day is good for us and our minds.

Pick what feels like midday to you schedule-wise and set aside 15 minutes to do the following. It’s remarkable what some concentrated rest can do for our energy levels.

1. Drink some water.

Replenish and reengage with the body. Don’t rush this step. Feel the water in your mouth as you swallow and feel it as it fills up your belly. Get present. Notice any slight changes.

2. Smell something pleasant.

Pick a flower, a spice, a piece of fruit, or even last night’s leftovers. Maybe it’s your lover’s perfume or cologne.

This is again, about getting present. Experience the scent and how it makes you feel. Soak it in.

Studies have shown that smells affect our mood and can help us be more creative. Smells open up memories, imagination, and ideas.

3. Set a timer for five minutes, find a comfy seat, and connect your energy downward.

I write about connecting to the body regularly.

So many of us have been taught to connect to our “higher power” through our third eye and crown chakras, therefore sending our energy up and out, rather than grounding into the energy body of the earth.

Pick a comfy place to sit or lie down. The most important thing is to be comfortable—don’t get caught up in certain leg or arm or hand positions. Just be relaxed—whatever that looks like for you.

Close your eyes or use a soft focus. As you breathe and sink deeper, energetically connect to your spine, seat, legs, feet, and imagine yourself sending your energy down into the earth.

Don’t push, force, or try here. Just allow.

When we connect down, we receive more relevant information and guidance for what we need for our specific journey. We get that nudge that says, “Go this way.”

The point of connection or meditation is not to quiet the mind or control the experience. It’s to softly say, “Oh, here I am,” and just be for a few minutes.

Be sure to consciously clear any energy that does not feel like yours. Say out loud, “This is not mine. I release this back to Source/God/the Universe.”

4. Set the timer for another five minutes and do some light, gentle stretches.

I also write about stretching a lot because it is free, effective, feels awesome, and we can do it pretty much anywhere.

This is a great compliment to connecting the energy down.

Stretching helps our circulation, agility, soreness, tension, muscle aches, and recharges the body as a whole. Even five minutes of concentrated stretching can enliven our entire outlook.

5. List five things you feel good about from the morning until now.

Taking an inventory is another great way to change our perspective and clear any energy not serving us.

Our brain works on a reward system. When we acknowledge what’s working, we give our ego that lens going forward. We also release those yummy hormones that make us feel good.


Every part of our day can be a sacred experience. I know we all have responsibilities, but we show up better for them and for the people we love when we take care of our batteries first.

Making a midday date with ourselves is just what the doctor ordered.


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Read 34 comments and reply

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