May 26, 2021

A more Balanced Life starts with Aligned Chakras.

Sitting in silence, we can feel the energy surrounding us.

It is always there; you need only pay attention to it. The hum is palpable, but sometimes, we are too afraid to open our eyes for fear that it would leave us. It has a comforting presence, this energy.

So we sit in silence and stillness and breathe in and breathe out. It feels like our very core is on fire, energy zooming through our bodies. When I sit with my energy, my mind starts racing. It alludes to something great coming our way.

With no idea of the amount of time that has passed, we sit frozen. Our minds wander to this energy that is coursing through our veins. Where did it come from? Where was it going? And why was it in us?

If you pay attention, you can feel your chakras aligning one by one.

Root Chakra

As we sit for some time, with our root chakra, we begin to notice the earth beneath us. The longer we sit in silence, the more we feel the earth below supporting us and holding us up. It holds us gently and allows us to slowly connect with Mother Earth.

We tend to make to-do lists; we rush from one thing to another without even feeling connected to the earth. We are racing around as if we are on fire, and we try to put ourselves out, out of the fire, out of the present moment, and out of our genuine selves.

We need time to connect and ground ourselves with our planet. Try taking off your shoes and feeling the earth under your feet. Carry this feeling with you as you go through your day. Try doing this each morning so you can stay grounded and connect to the earth.

Sacral Chakra

Our sacral chakra is for allowing us to connect with others. We wave hello. We say how are you? Then, without even getting an answer, we press onward. No connection has been made.

I like to spend some time sitting on my porch and connecting with the people walking by, with neighbors out walking their dogs, or with any other human being.

This sacral chakra allows us to open up to feelings, to connect with people, ideas, and adventures. It keeps us open to accepting others and keeping our mind open to their ideas. You feel this chakra align when you are open to others’ thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is the third in line. This one is right in the middle of our gut. It allows us to feel confident and in control. When we move through our day, our confidence sometimes waivers, but focusing on this chakra will allow us to regain our bearings and gain back our confidence.

Without this one, our chakras will not align, our total balance will be off, and our bodies will take a toll. For me, this one is hard to balance. I sometimes let others’ opinions get to me, but when I push them out of my head, balancing my confidence becomes easier.

Love Chakra

The next one is the love chakra, as I like to call it. It is the heart chakra located right by our heart, in the center of our chest. It is where we allow love to flow in and out freely so we can maintain our balance.

Sometimes, though, love goes wonky, and I believe this chakra is the easiest to lose control of. Sometimes, in a relationship with a friend or loved one, you want to obtain love from someone, and they do not love you back. Keeping this chakra open may become difficult.

We need to be open to sitting with the pain and finding the cause of it. If we can achieve aligning this chakra, we can be a conduit for love. Love will surround us and all the people of this lovely earth.

Think how nice that could be.

Third Eye Chakra

Right in the middle of our face is our third eye chakra. I truly believe that this is one of the best chakras. It allows us to see outside of ourselves. We see the community. We see other humans. We see suffering, happiness, and joy. We can see beyond our own small world.

When we focus on this chakra, we are tempted to turn it inward. What do I see? What do I want? This will shut all my chakras down and close us off. We will miss so much of this great world, of learning from each other. We need to work extra hard to keep this one open so we see everyone and be able to open up to them despite our differences.

This chakra has the power to connect us to others.

Crown Chakra

At the top of our heads is our crown chakra. It is our spiritual crown. It allows us to see spiritually. It is located at the very top of the head. This is where we notice not only a person’s outsides but also their insides. We can see their eyes, but in their eyes, we can see sadness. We can look at a person and judge, but with this chakra, we see into the person; we see their beauty, their compassion, and their love for others.

I will not lie; when I can get all of those chakras aligned, this one gets me in the heart, and I cry. To truly see someone is a gift. We usually concentrate on our outer peace, but with this chakra, we can achieve inner peace as well.

We can calm our energy or have it race around us, but it is so powerful when we become aware of our chakras aligning. They have a force that is different from the one before aligning them.

Now, we feel fully present and ready for our day. Sitting here, working through anything that needs our attention, and allowing ourselves to be open will give us the chance to see the wonderful things life has in store for us. When we are aligned, pure magic will happen.

Sit for a while and be present, work through aligning any chakra that may be out of sorts. It may take some time to work through whatever is going on, but if you put your mind to it and do so frequently, then life will feel more balanced.

May you have more balance in your life.


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