May 11, 2021

I Missed you Today. I’ll Miss you Tomorrow—& the Day After.

How I wish you’d call me and ask, “Why did you not ask about me?”

What’s happening?
Do you think I’m oblivious to the fact that you’re away?
Do you think I have forgotten you and don’t care anymore?

Do not be fooled by my smile on my face.
Damn it! It only inhabits my photos.

Stare into my eyes and you shall see the sorrow that never leaves them.
Your absence…how painful it is.
Agony is weighing me down,
And the wound of your absence hurts too much.

How I wish I could take off my blinders and see my reality without you.

And I miss you. Ah, how I miss you.
When I open my eyes and don’t find you near me,
I put my hands on my heart
And I feel it.
I search for a pulse, an artery—any artery—that connects me to your own heart.

What can I say?
Love has exceeded the boundaries of my heart’s authority.
What’s going on? It’s dangerous…this kind of love.
This kind of love can’t be translated—or understood.
One moment it lands on my palm, then it flies off.

Life is short, but my love for you is great.
I no longer comprehend my feelings, my homesickness, my longing.
I miss hugging you and holding you next to my chest.

Now tell me, what kind of spring is this without you?
The roses have wilted in my nursery,
And my jasmine is dry.

How I wish you were near me, my much awaited spring.
Wrap me in your arms,
And warm my nakedness that’s been dampened from the overflow of my tears.

Come and dance with me.
Wrap roses around my waist
Perhaps my neglected jasmine will be fragrant once again.

Come and dance with me, my little prince.
You live in my heart, my soul, my words, my mind.

What is your excuse?
Why have you been so absent?
But I forgive you.
I love you.



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Read 26 comments and reply

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