June 27, 2021

How Chaos Gave birth to an Increase in the Feminine & Fae.

Last year, many remembered their connection to the divine feminine.

This year then is the return of the earth’s energies. And yes, I’m speaking on the fae, elementals, earth-based spirits. At first glance you may not see the intricacies in the relationship between these two. So if you’re down for a brief journey exploring the energies of the masculine, feminine, Earth, and fae, come along!

The term “divine feminine” has become almost commonplace at this point. Many people are reclaiming what it means to be a feminine being. Even more beautifully, within their own constructs—which has been incredible to witness. We now see people embodying their feminine and shining that light. What they may not realize is that by allowing themselves to show up in their fullest expression of the feminine, how they see fit, allows for others the courage to do the same.

Within any definition of the feminine, we find the inclusion of words such as: emotional, erratic, or chaotic. Not sure about y’all but “chaotic” feels like a pretty fair way to sum up what this past year and a half of slow-burn trauma has felt like. But why is this associated with the feminine? And how does this relate back to the earth?

Using “chaos” from the feminine perspective feels borderline derogatory. These fluctuations and shifts that occur within us feel purposeful. We feel them as truths (and in many ways they are; thanks to the hormones at play).

With women feeling purpose in their changing nature, we must seek to define “chaos” from the masculine perspective. For it is from the masculine that this sleight of hand comment comes from. And here’s why: the feminine challenges the masculine. In the masculine perspective, everything has linear growth and productive order. Everything the masculine desires to be and achieve is in hopes of attracting the feminine. When the masculine is rejected by the feminine, in any capacity, it injects literal “chaos” into the man’s world.

Let’s step back into the masculine perspective once more. Almost every decision he has made throughout his life has been with one primary goal in mind: to attract the feminine. He most likely chooses a profession, a personal style, and hobbies with the feminine at the forefront of this decision-making. His whole reality then is built around being the perfect male counterpart to his ideal feminine. When he finds this ideal feminine and is rejected by her, his reality might crumble. Everything he has built himself might be deemed a failure. Following this, he experiences the chaos of one reality shattering while another is being formed. This definitive word of “chaos” for the feminine is rooted in this masculine perspective.

In this past year, we have also experienced a large shift in our own realities. For many, the realities of our jobs, or careers, have drastically shifted. We have experienced the need to surrender to the natural world in order to flow with greater ease through life.

Think for a moment of those still clutching for the “old normal.” I believe they are terrified of the chaos they might experience individually if they were to allow this past reality to lie and step forward into a reality that truly serves them. But, I digress. With these shifting realities, the need for connection and nurturance even more pronounced, I see many now reconnecting with the earth in practical and magickal ways.

The earth’s energies reminded us this last year of her power. That her essence is chaos. Not only in its destructive nature, but in rebirth. Home gardens, canning, and foraging have become a familiar pastime once more. We are connecting more with the earth and her ability to heal through the foods and medicines provided. It’s not only in these practical ways that I see this year being focused around the earth’s energies, but also in the increased attraction to the fae, the elementals, and the mystical, magical parts we’ve long let lie dormant.

In my experience as an intuitive, the energies of the earth and the fae/elementals are one in the same. It is the way our ancestors once made sense of the natural world around them. And that’s not to say that these energies do not have personalities or desires of their own, for everything has spirit. But it’s not often personified as the cute, winged beings we immediately call to mind. As intermediaries between the embodiment of the earth and of humans, they radiate the chaotic essence of what it is to be feminine. In their ability to quickly shift realities through small acts of mischief or larger natural disasters.

One of the best ways to connect with the fae and elementals is through spending time in their environment. In spending time outdoors tending to the earth, sitting in her streams, or traversing her mountains.

It is through these acts that the fae will often let you into their realm. As always, if you wish to explore this topic more or share your personal insight or experience, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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