June 7, 2021

Sweet & Spiced Tofu-Broccoli Stir Fry. {Recipe}

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Sweet and Spicy Tofu-Broccoli: Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly Recipe

With mango hot sauce and maple syrup to tempt those taste buds.

In the past three months, I have heard, from two different sources, that the consumption of fenugreek seeds makes your urine smell like maple syrup. I had to see. I know, a little too much information.

However, anything beats the asparagus pee smell. Which makes me grateful that I am the only human living in this apartment. Hmm, too much information again?

So, when deciding the ingredients for this tofu dish, I knew I would test the fenugreek seed-maple-syrup-urine smell test. And decided to use maple syrup as an add-on over the tofu.

Too much? We shall see.

Ingredients and supplies:

Tofu: super firm for me; one plus serving

Broccoli: any veggie will do (I happened to have a serving of broccoli left.)

Hot peppers: I decided on one red chili pepper and one jalapeno

Rice or other grain: basmati for me this time

Spices: ginger root, black sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds

Liquids: maple syrup, coconut liquid aminos

Oil: sesame plain or toasted (I went with plain. None is good, too.)

Misc.: pot with lid for rice, sauté pan, spatulas, utensils, cutting board, chef’s knife, serving bowls, spoon rest, towels, quiet or music, lots of love, gutsy imagination, good attitude, and gratitude


1. Wash your hands—you know the drill and handwashing songs. Clear the cats off the counter, repeat. Rewash your hands. Clean the countertop.

2. Mise in place all of the above. Keep a keen eye out for lurking cats.

3. Get the rice started since the rest is reasonably quick.

4. Chop the peeled ginger, chop the peppers. Slice off tofu and lay on a towel, cover with part of the towel, hand press if needed. Well, do it anyway to release excess water.

5. Turn on the stove light, then burner, and let it start to heat. Add oil if using. I pour a small amount since I can add more if needed.  Add the ginger, black sesame seeds, and fenugreek seeds after a minute or so.  Wait a minute, or two, and add the peppers, then tofu. Give it a couple of minutes, turn the tofu.

6. Add the coconut liquids aminos and stir. Slowly drizzle a bit of maple syrup over the tofu cubes. It will all mix together at some point.

7. Oops, check the rice.

8. Add the broccoli to the pan and toss and stir.

9. Check the rice. If you like, add sweet peas to the rice when it is close to done.

10. Clean up as you go along, it keeps you focusing while the magic is cooking.

11. Breathe. Scoop the rice into a bowl or plate. Top with a little mango hot sauce. Trust me, start with a small amount. Gently spoon the goodness from the pan over the rice.

Breathe. Smile.

Find a special place to park your bum with your bowl and fork. Remember to give gratitude. Gaze at the sight of this bounty, smell its aroma of delight. Lift a forkful to your mouth, and taste the sensation to your taste buds.  Slowly chew and enjoy!

Side note: no maple syrup odor in the bathroom to report.

As always, no critters were harmed in this meal at any stage. One more win for the sentient beings. One more win for this precious tiny blue marble we call Momma Earth.

For a whole bunch of delicious recipes, scroll through my author page.


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