July 23, 2021

Aquarius Full Moon: Expansion, Breakthroughs & Connections. {July 23/24, 2021}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


This full moon is taking place at 1 degree of Aquarius, the initiating degree of the sign.

From this powerful placement, it will be guiding us to close doors while illuminating pathways into future possibilities that marry heart and mind, community and unique expression, freedom and love.

Aquarius, the rebel genius of the zodiac, gifts us with a view of life from beyond the highest peak of the mountain. It is a visionary sign because it rules the airways high above the land and from there offers an understanding of the endless vista of possibility.

From there it also sees into all potential futures.

Cares not about the constraints of time (which is in the domain of Capricorn and Saturn below).

Abides by no Earthly laws, but by the divine natural laws that rule the cosmos.

Sees beyond the dichotomy of life: the good and bad, the right and wrong.

And cares not for human-made beliefs and paradigms (which are in the domain of Sagittarius and Jupiter).

You see, to this mad scientist, life on Earth is just an experiment—a place to learn and grow, without attachment.

Can you begin to imagine what is possible from this point of view and under the light of this full moon?

Take a moment to visualise yourself high above the peak of your proverbial mountain and notice the shift in your perception. Perhaps there is new insight available from this expanded state.

Perhaps your dreams and desires feel different without the earthly attachment, without the constraints of time or the limiting beliefs that you may have picked up along the road of your Earth-bound life.

Your soul speaks through your heart, so listen to what it longs to create.

Full moons reflect the light of the sun, and at this full moon, the sun is beaming its golden rays from its home sign of Leo. Here, the sun shines from the heart space, which means its light is filled with love, joy, childlike innocence, fun, and affection.

When at home, the sun feels free to radiate its most authentic self-expression, share its dreams, indulge in romance and play, and awaken the fullness of its unique, creative expressions. Because it is home, its influence is extra powerful, vibrant, personable, and mesmerising.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can use the glow of the sun’s placement to activate these very qualities in you and connect deeper to your heart, your soul, and your most authentic truth.

Like the moon, the sun is also at the first degree of Leo, desiring to initiate new creations that are true expressions of your heart.

What are you longing to share with the world?

Have you noticed that a dream within you wants to expand and grow at this time?

Allow yourself to sit, listen, and meditate on your heart. Allow it to offer guidance on your next steps.

In the quiet of this reflection, the Aquarius energy of the moon will offer you innovative insights into how you can bring your dreams and creations into the world in new ways that feel emotionally empowered.

This process of reflecting will also involve an element of letting go.

Because you can’t hold on to your limitations if you want to share your unique gifts with the world.

What beliefs, experiences, people, or thoughts are you ready to shed at this time so that you can create freedom for yourself to truly express you?

The moon will be reaching her fullness as she stands between the powerful planets Pluto and Saturn. Because the Moon represents your inner world of emotions and Pluto and Saturn represent power and authority, this indicates that there may be a sense of struggle against an external figure or structure that will challenge your personal sovereignty.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to stand your ground and exercise speaking your truth.

Again, use the energy of the Aquarius Moon to rise above the situation and see it from a bird’s-eye view. From here, consider ways you can take back your power and control so that you can exercise a greater sense of personal freedom. You may find that you receive flashes of insight from this elevated state.

What new beliefs, behaviours, and thoughts can you begin to integrate?

Jupiter is quincunx the sun, asking you to integrate its expansive energy into your creations; this includes abundance, optimism, positivity, luck, faith, justice, learning, and teaching.

This may be an uncomfortable process because expanding requires challenging yourself; positivity requires a new mindset; abundance requires practice; faith requires surrender.

But you do have some help. Saturn and Chiron are in friendly aspect at the full moon and will be lending their support to your process, offering guidance to healing, creating an inner sense of security, and inspiring a deeper trust in your intuitive guidance.

Expressions of love.

Venus and Mars are opposite Jupiter in the sky at the Full Moon, activating a desire to enjoy who you are and offering energy to take action on any new creations, dreams, or new directions you may have.

Venus and Mars, the lovers of our zodiac, are traveling together, putting us all in the mood for love. How can you share love and express it in new and creative ways?

How can you release into the romance of life and take pleasure in the simple moments? This full moon may bring you back to loving in the present.

How could this Aquarian full moon energy show up for you?

You may notice in the lead-up to this full moon that you begin to crave change, innovation, or expansion in an area of your life—work, love, or home.

You may feel an insatiable desire to break free of limiting beliefs around your worth and what you believe you are “allowed” to do with your life (who decides what you’re “allowed” to do anyway?).

You may experience mental breakthroughs that lead to leaps in your consciousness, especially around who you want to be in the world, what you want to create, and with what type of people you want to share it.

You may begin to seek like-minded beings who resonate with your unique expression.

Perhaps you’ll even join a community in which you can express yourself authentically, experiment with new ideas, and indulge in your eccentricities.

You may call in some romance into your life.

Tuning into the lunation cycles gives us an opportunity to perform mini-course corrections so we can get back on track with our purpose, declare our intentions, realign with our truth, celebrate our wins, and reflect on where we need to improve.

Tuning in also helps us connect with the cosmic currents so we can flow with them. Becoming aware of windows of opportunity can help us take actions that improve our lives.

I hope your windows manifest with love and clarity so that you may cease your opportunities.



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