August 8, 2021

She Finally Left.


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She left.

She finally left.

It took her numerous times.

As they say, the third time’s a charm.

Enough was enough.

The emptiness was overwhelming.

Not to mention the endless loneliness.

The rooms were filled with him…them.

Reminders of the years.

He is in one room and her in another.

Only silence.

This—being loneliness.

Their children are somewhere, growing in this.

Learning this.

Learning that, this is what love is.

Her growth was stagnant.

She was made to feel insignificant.

She felt worthless.

She had no idea what to do.

She still had a passion for life.

He did not succeed in taking it all from her.

She left.

One last round.

She chose love.

She chose herself.

It was her all along.

What he saw was love.

She was the light.

She was love.

He wanted her for it.

He was not deserving.

She knows this now.

He was a taker.

He took until her light became dim.

He abandoned her.

She no longer served his purpose.

Her light was dim.

Still, she is filled with strength.

She is love.

She is light.

When it is true, you cannot take it.

She left.

She finally left.


This time was different.

This time, she left the right way.

With her love intact.

With her mindset focused.

On her.

On her children.

What was, was not love.

This is…


Claiming herself back.

Her love.

Her worth.

Hello, beautiful self.

Hello, new journey.



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Read 9 comments and reply

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