August 15, 2021

If god is real, She is a Poem.


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The word god is out of fashion with some of us now, and I myself never use it.

Having for so long used goddess or spirit or anything that grated less on my soul, and so, I was completely flummoxed when this poem flowed out with “god” in the title. But the further I wrote, the more my pen insisted that this was the word we were using, and that god was she, he, they, in their many manifestations of where we can find the divine.

And so I stopped fighting the flow, because in the end, we can all decide for ourselves what god/dess is or isn’t and be curious about our own journey with mystery.

god is real if…

they are the hum of the blood in my veins

and the strength of the marrow in my bones

if she is the early morning mist on the breath of a hungry wolf

if she is the call of a seagull through the sound of crashing waves

if he is the wind whipping clouds into a froth of celestial pillows

if he is the sun sinking behind the red stones of Sedona’s

high desert

if she is the breath of my granddaughter

and the laughter of the women I birthed long ago

from the sacredness of my womb

if she is the falling of ancient stars

and the turning of leaves in autumn

if they are the seeds inside a pomegranate

the sand on a thousand shores

the delirium of swarming bees

the pounding of my heart

the organizing of my cells

the space between my thoughts

the return of swallows to their summer grounds

the surrender of life to the earth

if god is real, they are the feelings we cannot name


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Read 6 comments and reply

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