October 17, 2021

A Savory Vegan Squash Mac n’ Cheese Recipe for all Seasons.

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

It’s fall in Florida, okay—it’s 88 degrees, but autumn recipes call for squash.

I have been seeing a ton of squash recipes cross my feed, email, and social media. All the vegan macaroni and cheese ones used butternut squash. The rebel in me said not now, and so summer yellow squash was my go-to.

Truth alert: it was the only one in my fridge. It came in this week’s Misfit box. Two cute ones, dirty from the soil, and calling out to my tummy.

Ingredients and miscellaneous suggested supplies:

Note: I cook for one human, this I made as 2 servings. Feel free to change, or substitute to suit your tastes, budget, and ease of sourcing. I do not always measure, I make bloopers, but, creativity and no fear is my motto.

Squash: I used one yellow one that was maybe 6 inches long.

Macaroni: my cupboard has gluten-free shells and elbows, mixed in one glass container.

Cheese: Follow Your Heart mozzarella in the fridge, slices. I used two slices. And for the first time, I added a spoonful of Miyoko’s vegan cream cheese.

Water: filtered for me, filled the Brita pitcher halfway. More information below.

Spices: ground turmeric—I was generous with a heaping teaspoon, black pepper to taste.

Other: Hippie dust aka nutritional yeast about 1.5 tablespoons. I wrote an article on this previously.

Misc.: pot with lid, 2 colanders. Distilled white vinegar cut with water for cleaning counters of cat paw marks. Measuring cups and spoons and spoon holder. Love. Mindfulness. Towels, pot holder maybe. Mixing spoon, serving utensils, and bowls. Cutting board, chef’s knife, mood for the now which may change. Veggie peeler. Creativity and curiosity.


1. Wash your hands, kindly remove all jewelry, please. Remove cat, possibly two felines. Clean those counters. Mise en place all of the above.

2. Turn on stovetop light before burner, and turn on fan once the burner is on.

3. First time for me peeling squash, I rarely peel stuff. However, today called for peeling. Chop, and cut the squash into small pieces to steam faster. Place it in a colander in the pot with water to just cover it. I used my lotus-opening one. Cover and let it steam until tender. It is really fast, only a couple minutes for the water to boil and soften it.

4. While that’s happening, make certain there is plenty of water to add to the pot once emptied. Carefully remove the steam basket and place it in a bowl or on a towel. Leave the hot water in the pot, and add more room temperature water. Cover, bring it to a roaring boil, and slowly add the macaroni. Mine was a mix of cute shells and tiny elbows made with organic quinoa, corn, and brown rice. The brand is Ancient Harvest.

5. Once to your liking, carefully strain the pot and try to retain a small amount of the liquid. It was maybe a couple tablespoons, at most.  Return the pot to the burner, gently add in the cooked macaroni and squash.

6. Add turmeric, black pepper, hippie dust. Gently fold, and mix.  Add in ripped pieces of sliced cheese and a scoop of cream cheese. Mix it all well. You may need to add small amounts of water. Keep in mind it will loosen up as the cheeses melt. I do cover the pot and turn the heat lower.

7. For me, I do not leave the kitchen, I do not move from the stove except to place all dirty items in the sink. I take a peek, and then wash anything that has completed its task. Wash mindfully, feel the zen. I have a double sink, so clean, wet items go on the right side sink to air dry.

8. Take a peek, give a little stir.

9. Turn off burner, stovetop light, and fan.

10. Time to plate your masterpiece, and select an electronics-free place to dine. If possible, facing outside, or actually outside. Give gratitude, and take a moment to use your sense of sight and smell to activate the sense of taste. Those salivary glands start juicing up before the first bite. Enjoy every morsel, slow down, and savor the time.

As always no critters were harmed at any stage of this process. One more save also for Momma Earth, this tiny blue planet we call home.


For a whole bunch of delicious recipes, scroll through my author page.


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