November 4, 2021

Scorpio Super New Moon: Awaken your Power to be Free & Authentic. {November 4}

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Scorpio season is upon us, and with it has come the intensity of transformation, of going deep beneath the surface of reality and into the truth of who you are.

Inside each of us and in the deep waters of our unconscious, we find the forbidden.

We find the emotions we are told not to feel, the cultural taboos we don’t speak about, the occult technologies that can transform us, the secrets we carry out of shame, guilt, or fear, the potency of our sexual energy, the truth of our power, and the parts of us that fragmented because they didn’t fit into what’s considered “normal.”

If you dare enter the deep waters, you will face your totality and the profound potential to transmute, merge, heal, and accept yourself completely.

This is something you must do to truly progress. Until you know who you are and what you’ve hidden from yourself, until you are ready to see those parts that you pretend aren’t there, you cannot break free of the past, the conditioning, the self-imposed limitations, or the fears and doubts that keep you from the life you want.

It takes the whole of you to grow exponentially.

What are you ready to see and who do you want to become?

The moon is extremely close to the earth at this time in her transit, making this a super new moon and an extra powerful time of change.

Set your intentions based on your truth, power, and the information that will be illuminated at this new moon so you may be guided into an enlightened and purposeful future.

Here are four things to consider this Scorpio season:

1. This is the time for authentic freedom.

Uranus is opposed to the sun and new moon, ready to deliver a piercing truth so that you can awaken, evolve, and be free from your former self.

A Uranus opposition also brings events that can feel fated from seemingly out of the blue. It creates shocks, surprises, and inspires rebellion. All to shake things up!

Because rebellion is necessary to evolution.

But luckily, Uranus also gifts us with a healthy detachment which helps us see blocks, limits, and illusions more clearly. This empowers us with the strength not to care about what others think and begin to follow the beat of our own drum.

Who could you be if you were independent of group thinking and crowd mentality, if you embraced your uniqueness?

Who is that authentic “you” waiting to be seen?

2. Enter the dark night of the soul courageously.

Sometimes, we have to enter the darkness to see the light. This takes work, determination, and courage. But like the caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly, we must dig our way out of our shell, and shed it so we can experience our freedom and true beauty.

This transformation is not easy, it requires letting go of your former identity and stepping into the vast abyss of the unknown. But it’s in this abyss that miracles happen because you have to let go of control to open to possibility.

Mars in Scorpio will support this process and offer the much-needed courage to march bravely into a new future. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and when in its home sign, it generates laser focus and unstoppable drive to succeed in your mission.

What dreams are you ready to obsess about? What area of your life are you ready to focus that Scorpio intensity on so that it can grow and evolve?

3. Surrender to change.

This transformative new moon brings with it an entire season of change. Not only are we in Scorpio season with the sun in this powerful sign for a month, but we’ve also entered eclipse season, a time of year that bring with it leaps in consciousness, massive shifts in the trajectory of life, big endings, and unexpected new opportunities.

We’re also in the energy of the third and final square between Uranus and Saturn, and in this final meeting, we will gain clarity and close out lessons around the 2021 theme of control versus freedom, contraction versus expansion, and tradition versus innovation.

To add to this transformative trend, the nodes of the moon will enter the Scorpio and Taurus axis in December, shifting our collective and personal lessons from Gemini and Sagittarius (which represent information, communication, beliefs, and ideals) into a soul searching 2022.

Taurus and Scorpio are deeply creative and transformative signs, representing the cycle of life and death in the seasons of spring and autumn, and the abundance, vibrancy, and creative potential of nature as it grows and sheds, expands and contracts, creates and transforms.

This will reflect in your own personal search for meaning, desire to create from truth, and your journey toward what really matters and satisfies your soul.

Take the time to observe what comes up until November 19 for the lunar eclipse and December 4 for the solar eclipse. The experiences you have during this time will foreshadow the work that your soul will be doing for the next six months.

4. Hold someone’s hand and make alchemy happen.

You’re not alone in this transformative phase; we are all in it together.

We’ve just come out of Libra season, with Mercury still there coming out of the shadows. Libra teaches us about partnership, love, fairness, and balance, and with Mercury’s influence, it teaches us communication, perception, and sharing.

In Libra season, we get to know each other. But as it goes, we’ve all put our best foot forward and shown what we perceive to be our best qualities. Now that we are in Scorpio season, we are going deeper into our commitment to each other and entering the process of merging.

Within this Scorpionic embrace, we feel each and truly come to see the totality, shadows, secrets, unconscious habits, and behaviours of the people we’ve decided to hold hands with through life.

The sharing, listening, communication, commitment, and connection that happen when we merge with someone are truly an alchemical process. We learn by observing, mirroring, projecting, and interacting.

Which beckons the questions: who can we learn and grow with? Who can we call in to mutually support our evolutionary process?

We have Jupiter in Aquarius in friendly conversation with Mercury in Libra, reminding us that it takes a community, that we can bring our dreams together and see into a big, optimistic, and equitable future that we can collectively pull resources in to create.

What future can you create when in the company of your soul community?

What future can you create when you are free to live your truth and allow others that same liberty?

There is always work to be done. Life is a journey of incremental transformations, which is complemented with big breakthroughs.

May the piercing light of truth that this new moon offers propel you into a bright and happy future. May it free you from the past and arm you with the power that springs from the depth of your being.

May you embrace the totality of who you are, swim into the depth of your being, and awaken the power to be an authentic, free, and enlightened self.

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