October 30, 2021

Scorpio New Moon: 5 Questions to help us Maximize the Energy to be Devotional vs. Emotional. {November 2021}

**Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


On November 4 at 4:14 CST p.m., the new moon of November arrives.

It graces us with a more serious, energetic tone that will nudge us to get clear, focus, make our decisions confidently, and stick to them.

This new moon falls in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which may highlight intense emotions, and there may be a nudge to deep dive into our feelings.

While this beautiful moon invites us to lean into the mysteries in life and enjoy meaningful exchanges, it also cautions us to be aware of hindrances like being impatient, stubborn, manipulative, and secretive.

The following are five questions to ask ourselves during the November new moon that will help maximize the energy to be devotional versus emotional:

1. What meaning does this situation or relationship bring?

One word to sum up the current energetics this moon brings is “meaningful.”

It’s the time to check what meaning and reason our thoughts, relationships, emotions, decisions, bodily signals, and situations all bring. If we can allow ourselves at this new moon to think about the meaning and symbolism of what is happening in our lives, we will better meet the second question.

2. Why is this happening with and for me, and how can it help me be better?

When we bring attention to this question, we begin to find out that the most challenging things in our lives became our greatest gifts.

We either meet it with a big f*ck you, or we curiously lean in. When we perceive everything that happens for us and with us (versus to us or at us), we can grow with a knowing that nudges us into a more vital place of empowerment.

This self-inquiry has helped me see all with a different lens and evolve in surprising ways.

If this one stands out as a struggle, visit “Our Most Challenging Situations: How to Reframe our Positions in Life.”

3. Am I nurturing shallow and inauthentic relationships?

Relationships are a major part of being human and having a deeper experience on Earth. Life would be meaningless and empty without the connections we maintain.

This new moon is most likely going to highlight the weak points of our relationships. It is a good time to review secrets we are keeping, ways we can be patronizing, situations we have to settle, and full truths that aren’t being shared.

4. What are my emotions telling me? 

We grow and learn about ourselves from relationships, and the emotions evolving from those interactions give us information about our needs.

If we can learn to listen to the messages from our feelings and take action, we can move along a bit easier.

The following are common emotions we all experience and nudges as to what they may be calling us to do:

>> Anger: create firm boundaries

>> Anxiety: learn and get more information

>> Disappointment: release yourself and stop setting expectations

>> Fear: take significant action

>> Jealousy: manifest, dream, and scheme on the more we may want

>> Sadness: focus on the connections and open up to more love

>> Worry: connect further to God, source energy, or greater power of oneness

(For more information on this one, check out “7 Common (Uncomfortable) Emotions & What they may be Calling us to Do.”)

5. How can I purify more?

Whether it is a relationship, an emotion, our home, body, food, connection with spirit, or something else that can benefit from being cleaned up, we can all ask this.

The Scorpio new moon is a divine time to get rid of our impurities, especially for emotions that don’t work for us like those mentioned in number four above, or guilt or shame. This is an optimal time for us to release and let go of all that doesn’t serve.

Focusing on energetic hygiene can be helpful, and finding ways to speed our vibration is supportive. I personally practice and recommend a forgiveness process that I share here, which helps me shed emotional impurities and make space for the new.

This is such an optimal time for growth and expansion.

The information that is offered to us when we self-inquire is invaluable. Take the time to ask, sit with it, breathe into it, and take action.

I would love to hear how this resonates with you, either here in the comments or in my private virtual community if you are looking for a safe space to share your soulful self.

Much love and easeful emotions during this moon!

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