November 16, 2021

Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: Reconnecting with the Simple Pleasures of our Souls. {November 19, 2021}


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Taurus, as the second sign of the zodiac, represents settling in.

Settling into our bodies, our senses, and our environment. The awareness of self that comes with this settling brings us into the present, into an understanding of what is valuable and what values we hold dear to our heart.

Through your senses, you experience the world around you and the simple pleasures of being alive. Earth, our garden of delight, offers an abundant source of inspiration and education.

From her, we learn about the creative force of nature.

From her, we learn about the lavishness and comfort that is inspired by touch, sight, and the feelings in our bodies when connected to her elements.

From her, we source the food that brings our taste buds satisfaction and our belly a sense of fullness and safety.

From her, we learn that a fragrance can enhance a mood, inspire a memory, and bring us to elation.

From her, we learn how sound—the melodies of birds singing, animals playing, and nature thriving—can shift emotions.

From her, we learn that beauty can stop us in our tracks, humble us, and remind us to return to the present and the simple pleasures of being alive.

Nature creates. She constantly shifts, evolves, and changes, and we are a part of her dance, affected by it, reflected in it, and influencing it.

Our relationship with nature—Earth and all that surrounds it—is an ever-evolving exchange. But this exchange can sometimes feel uncertain, unsafe, or unwelcome.

Storms wash over us, earthquakes shake up our lives, droughts threaten our food supply, floods, fires, weather patterns, and so on. They all remind us of our vulnerable existence. So, we build homes and shelters and find ways to protect ourselves from life’s harshness.

With the sun, Mars, and Mercury in Scorpio, we are reminded of this complex reality, of the depth of life, of the fact that more exists beneath the surface than we may ever understand. We are reminded that, just like nature with its secrets, mysteries, and unpredictable behaviour, we too are complex and ever-evolving.

Knowing this empowers us.

Like the environment around us, we too are endless. We experience tsunamis, caused by disturbances in our core, we erupt like volcanoes on a seemingly tranquil day, we surprise ourselves with unexpected truths that bubble to the surface, and we get flooded with memories we’ve stuffed beneath the layers built for protection.

You are an emotional being. You are complex.

We are emotional. We are all complex.

This lunar eclipse will illuminate shadows and uncover mysteries so we may step into awareness.

For many of us, this season will bring a change that feels like thunder rumbling down the mountain tops. The lightning flashes will inspire insight, the rain will wash away emotions, once trapped beneath the roots, and truths will rise to the surface so we may transform our inner world and our outer environment.

Truth empowers.

And here is a powerful secret:

You are the rain.

You are the thunder.

You are the lightning.

You are the storm.

You are the beauty.

You are the simplicity.

You are the tranquility.

You are the shelter.

You are the complexity you see in the world.

The question beckons: what are you ready to let go of so that you can take more pleasure in living?

Eclipses open portals and lift the veils to other worlds.

How much truth are we ready to access?

How much of our mystery are we willing to see?

We have Uranus opposite Mars at this eclipse. Uranus brings rebellion, enlightenment, and revolution. It asks us to be authentic and live our truth, while Mars inspires action. Together they can create frustration, erupt in anger, or trigger explosive experiences, but when channelled into creativity and passion, they can create breakthroughs, innovation, and conscientious leaps forward.

We also have Jupiter in square to the sun and moon. Whatever Jupiter touches expands, heals, and elevates. From Aquarius, Jupiter may highlight some uncomfortable truths about your self-identity or your community that needs your attention so that relationships may be reconciled and replaced with joy, optimism, and growth, and so that you can step into a more comfortable, freeing, and authentic embodiment of yourself.

Venus, the ruler of this eclipse, is in friendly conversation with Uranus, lightening the mood and bringing surprises around money or relationships. This conversation will also inspire a sense of fun and adventure and liberation of your creative expression.

Venus will be entering shadow at the eclipse, making you reflect on your values and revisit creative works, or potentially bringing past lovers back into your life.

Are you living from the heart?

Venus rules the heart. She is the patron of the arts and keeper of your sensual pleasure.

At this full moon and lunar eclipse, she asks, “Have you settled into the experience of you and the totality of who you are?”

This experience, this embodiment, was created for your pleasure, for your learning, and for your growth. Have you honoured that?

Your soul checks in at eclipse time to make sure you’re on track. It’s time to listen and check in for new directions.

Use the energy of the full moon to surrender what doesn’t serve so that you can step into your power, see your truth, live your values, connect with nature, heal the Earth, and broaden your community by aligning with an authentic sense of being.

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