December 22, 2021

Here’s to a more Enjoyable Holiday Season—& 6 Tips to Make that Happen.

The holidays are around the corner. Are you ready?

This will be the first holiday in a while that many of us will spend post-lockdown, at least in the United States. So while it is pretty exciting, some unusual things became the new normal.

Here are six tips to help us have a more enjoyable holiday with our loved ones:

1. Tip #1: Set an intention.

We should think in advance what intention we want for the holidays. Do we want to connect with loved ones? Do we want to rest? Do we want to cook delicious food for our family?

It is important to know our intention and remember it when things don’t go our way. For example, when our flight gets delayed, we feel annoyed at the kids, or we become overwhelmed, we have to remember our intention.

2. Tip #2: If we have a partner, we should have their back.

We can be a team and have their back. Don’t join in with the family’s sarcasm and throw them under the bus. Protect them and have each other’s back.

3. Tip #3: Be aware of social awkwardness.

Almost two years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. For most of that time, our socialization happened in front of the computer using video conferencing, with our small pod or in isolation. Our socialization skills are not quite back to normal.

We should be aware of the signs of social awkwardness in ourselves or our loved ones (girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, wife, husband, and kids). Such signs could be irritability, oversensitivity, feeling self-conscious, having a hard time connecting with people or wanting to be around other people, but then finding it hard when we actually do spend time with them.

If we notice any of these signs, we can take a break away from people to help ourselves reset.

Tip #4: Take care of ourselves.

There is a fine line, physiologically speaking, between excitement and anxiety, so while we may think we are feeling excited, we may, in fact, be feeling anxious, nervous, or over-stimulated by being around family and loved ones, as well as all the festivities.

We have to take care of ourselves by either taking a walk, reading a book, taking a nap, or meditating.

Tip #5: Avoid polarized conversations.

People always say don’t talk about religion or politics at the dinner table. This year, we have one more topic to avoid polarized conversations, and that is COVID including pro versus anti-vaccines. If we feel the need to say something to our loved ones, we have to express our care for them and their health, tell them just that, and respect their choices.

Remember our intention for the holidays.

Tip #6: Honor those who passed.

Many of us have lost loved ones in the past year due to COVID or other causes. If that is you, my heart is with you. We can take a moment to honor those who are no longer with us by doing a small ritual; either light a candle in their honor or write them a letter with the things left unsaid.

I hope our holidays are more enjoyable this year! It is on us to make that happen.

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