December 30, 2021

Ladies: Stay Away from the F*ckboy.


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You can meet the f*ckboy anywhere, but most likely on dating apps, because that is easy for him.

The f*ckboy likes it easy. He will politely talk to you on the app, he will ask questions, he will pretend to have a serious interest in getting to know you as a person. He will most likely not plan an actual first date at a restaurant or bar. Instead, he will ask you to come over to his house, because he refuses to put in any effort at all.

He has the ability to make it seem reasonable. If he is into you—only sexually, of course—you will quickly realize by the way he looks at you. You will catch him staring at you as he is an observer. He studies you so he can develop an action plan on how to get you.

If you don’t want to sleep with a man after the first meeting, he will text you after you leave and be all nice. He will ask you if you made it home safe and will tell you what a great time he had meeting you. He can feel that you like him. You will start fantasizing about a future because he just seems so nice.

After getting several nice text messages, you still don’t know his real intentions. Trust me when I tell you, he will avoid meeting you in public. He will always find reasons why it has to be in his place. And you will go, because you now feel safe with him as he was so nice and didn’t try anything the first time you met him.

The f*ckboy will make it seem as if you are in control and will portray himself as the nice guy. The truth is, deep down, he is insecure and fears rejection, which is why he doesn’t want to make the first move. He is scared you will turn him down and that would be too painful for an immature soul like the one of a f*ckboy.

By now, it’s possible that you go over there and end up sleeping with him, because you are attracted to him. He is charming and you feel so safe that you don’t even think about the possibility of him ignoring you afterward, because as he seems interested, you have the perfect picture of him in your head. From then on, he will only text late at night and he will immediately stop asking deep questions about your life.

I am desperately urging you to stay away from him. Not only does he not deserve you, but he is dishonest and disrespectful. If you are okay with casual sex, find someone who doesn’t confuse you. A mature and sincere man will tell you what he wants and will not try to change the narrative afterward. The f*ckboy certainly is not confused about you; he knows he just wants to hit it.

His dating app profile will most likely say that he is looking for a relationship, though, only because, as I told you before, the f*ckboy is dishonest.

The average f*ckboy will post a lot of intelligent quotes and books on his social media to make you think he is looking for a deep connection.

I am certain that the f*ckboy is not only lacking respect for you, but for himself just as much. The typical f*ckboy dresses hip and modern, is good-looking, and knows that girls like his appearance.

When you turn him down, he will tell you he wasn’t attracted to you in the first place. When you text him too often, he will tell you you are too desperate. The problem is always you while the f*ckboy will never admit that he just wanted to get you in bed. Never!

The f*ckboy isn’t just lacking honesty; he is also lacking integrity.

My latest f*ckboy encounter was during one of my many travels. I could smell the vibes pretty early on when I got that 11:30 p.m. text message asking if I wanted to join him while “stayin’ in and watching a movie” on a Saturday night.

I immediately replied with, “Sounds like a booty call to me, and messages like this really bore me. I also feel disrespected as I know this kind of behavior all too well.”

He changed the narrative right away by replying, “You could have just asked me before assuming I wanted to hook up with you. LOL…you’re really nice but I’m not attracted to you in that way and you’re also just passing through. I just thought two people could hang out and have a conversation. When I am into someone in that way, they’ll definitely know so they don’t have to wonder or guess.”

However, the two people never hung out after that and I never heard from him again.

Being truthful about his intentions is impossible because he knows if he was, you would not engage with him as you are looking for an actual connection. The f*ckboy is picky. He doesn’t want a woman who is only using him for sex; he wants to leave an imprint, he wants to get into your mind and play with it. And so he does.

With his mind games, he has the power and control over your triggers and insecurities. He knows what’s triggering you and he enjoys it. He wants to keep you around so that whenever it is convenient for him, he can send you a text, start a conversation, and test his waters. He likes having multiple options.

Whenever you initiate contact, he will ignore your messages or tell you he is busy, because the game is only fun for him when he likes to play and when he has absolutely nothing else to do.

The f*ckboy doesn’t like to be caught and he will give more than just 100 percent after you reject him in order to find validation from another female target.

The f*ckboy doesn’t deal with his emotions after being rejected.

He is the master manipulator and he will always try to get a reaction out of you.

The f*ckboy will never tell you he is done with you, he will either stop communicating or trigger you so much that you get emotional and lose self-control. Then, he can blame you for overreacting and will gaslight you. I know it is frustrating, but let go of the thought that he will ever admit to any wrongdoing or apologize for how he is making you feel.

He is not worth your anxiety attack; he is not worth getting your body; he is not worth your energy and time—oh, I forgot, he is not even interested in spending any quality time with you.

The reason I want to spread the word about the f*ckboy and his behavior is that I want it to stop as I see and hear about it way too often.

As long as women allow him to get what he wants by investing even less than the absolute bare minimum of effort, he will proudly keep going, leaving behind many good women feeling used and empty.

The f*ckboy’s lack of respect is something that should never ever be tolerated.

I know he is handsome, I know he compliments you, I know you think there’s an attraction, but before you go and meet him, look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of what you want and deserve: respect.

If you want a connection with someone, take your time and don’t give in too fast. The f*ckboy surely won’t stick around for too long without getting you into his bedroom because he has plenty of other options he is trying his luck with.

The f*ckboy needs to do a lot of inner work on himself. Remember that people who get excited from bringing others down live in their own dark world and are not happy with themselves. You are not going to be the one to fix him and you really shouldn’t want to. Even the greatest sex is not worth the emptiness that the f*ckboy will leave you with. The emptiness will last much longer than the actual act.

He wants you because you are gorgeous. He wants you because you are funny. He wants you because you’re strong and independent. But above all, you need to show him that you have a high level of self-respect.

Walk away knowing your truth and value. Nothing feels better than to give yourself the respect you deserve.

Always be cautious of the f*ckboy, as he is only after you to destroy your peace of mind.


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