January 25, 2022

11 Unforgettable Quotes from Neil Strauss about Conscious Relationships.


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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love Neil Strauss.

He’s an author, and he shares his most astounding quotes and sayings on Instagram.

Yes, I follow him; no, I can’t stop visiting his profile.

He writes about life, emotions, happiness, goals, intention, and many different things. And it goes without saying that he also writes about relationships. Conscious relationships.

Seriously, though, I can easily spend 30 minutes reading his quotes about love and partnerships. He tackles childhood traumas, growth, ego-driven behaviors, fears…he tackles everything that prevents us from growing (and learning) in our most precious unions.

Last year, I wrote an article about childhood wounds and the quote that “shattered everything I knew about my relationship.” Yes, he wrote that quote. Yesterday I came across another similar quote he shared, and as usual, I was in awe of the depth and intensity of his words.

Then it hit me: I need to share his quotes on relationships. Folks need to read this.

Here are 11 quotes from Neil Strauss that might help you celebrate real, conscious love:

“One of the worst reasons to make a commitment is due to fear of loss.”

“Too many people are looking for reasons to say ‘I was right.’ Not enough people looking for reasons to say ‘Maybe I formed a conclusion prematurely.'”

“If you are defending yourself in your relationship repeatedly over things you didn’t do, or things you did prior to the relationship, it’s time to leave.”



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“When your partner asks you to change a behavior that you feel is not a problem, rather than telling them why they’re wrong, try to understand the request and empathize with the way they feel about it. Sometimes being heard and seen is enough.”

“Not until you can be alone without loneliness are you ready for a relationship.”

“Nothing done from love comes with an obligation.”

“Be a life partner in your relationship not a life coach. When we become our partner’s coach, we get disappointed when they don’t play our game by our rules. Instead of loving them, we pressure them to win and resent them when they don’t try hard enough. Love is acceptance of what is.”

“If you can’t fix it, fix you.”


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“If you do not address your childhood traumas, your romantic relationships will.”

“So many people I know complain that their partners won’t have sex with them, yet so few of them would be satisfied if their partners did. Because the problem isn’t actually the sex; it’s the relationship between the people having it.”

“Trying to ‘make’ someone happy rarely makes them happy. Instead, it can make you resentful.”



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