January 6, 2022

Are you on Auto-Pilot? 10 Self-Awareness Questions to Ask about your Beliefs.


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A belief is simply a thought we think over and over—that’s it.

We think it so much, it gets wired in our brain and becomes easier and easier to refer back to, even if it doesn’t feel good.

Everything that you believe was learned. It wasn’t random. Everything that makes up our reality was sourced from who we were around when we were young (specifically from ages 0-7), the generation we were born into, the social norms of the time, and our peers.

Knowing this, we can examine our beliefs with some curiosity, and pick and choose what serves us now.

Changing a belief is simple, yet not easy. We have to make mental strides to replace a belief we do not like with something that is more resonate with the person we are right now.

Below are 10 questions to help you become curious about the reality that was created for you. Now, you get to choose and create the reality you want.

Feels pretty powerful, doesn’t it?

Grab a journal or find a quiet place to sit and ask yourself the following questions:

1. How does this belief feel in my body? Is there a restriction or expansion?

2. Where did this belief come from? Who first gave it to me? Is it really mine?

3. Does my belief about this truly serve me or does it keep me small?

4. What would it feel like to break free from this belief and choose another?

5. Does this belief inspire me to take action or cause me to fear taking action?

6. What does this belief bring to my outer experience?

7. If I change or discard this belief, do I fear a loss of love, respect, or connection from those I love?

8. If I do like this belief, how can it serve me better?

9. Is there a part of this belief I like and a part I don’t like? Can I replace the part I don’t like? How would that feel?

10. Who am I with/without this belief?

We’ve all seen the power beliefs have over our actions, happiness, contentment, how we handle the ups and downs of life, and who we choose to be around.

Beliefs are sneaky because some of them feel so close to us it’s hard to discern whether they are truly helping us or keeping us from a more authentic life.

A line from A Course in Miracles comes to mind whenever I observe people clinging so tightly to beliefs that are harmful, dangerous, and self-sabotaging, “Some people would rather die than change their minds.”

Please do not get caught in that web. You are allowed to change your mind and choose a belief that feels better.

And remember, too, that beliefs are merely a habit of thinking. This is why there are so many books, articles, and lectures on the power of our thoughts. Thoughts truly turn into things and whatever you are constantly thinking (aka your beliefs about yourself and the world) is showing up in your life and reality.

What beliefs are you ready to let go of in 2022? I’d love to know in the comments!


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