January 10, 2022

Rethinking Moving On: Can we Ever Let Go of a Soul Mate?


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We all have our stories to tell when it comes to moving on and letting go.

We have even anticipated their outcome and forced their meanings into our lives.

I’ve recently become against using the word “letting go.” To be honest, I used it extensively in the past when I first embarked on my spiritual journey.

I feel it’s become a rule of thumb: if we’re practicing meditation, yoga, or have expanded our spiritual scope, we must practice the art of letting go. And oftentimes, we bypass our raw emotions and experiences by claiming we’re “relinquishing,” “surrendering,” or “releasing.”

But this term is much more complicated than it seems. And in every situation or circumstance, letting go has its own meaning—because to be fair, I don’t think we easily let go.

We’re not robots. We can’t simply format our brains or rewire our emotions. Letting go is a tough process and has various connotations, and I’m sure as hell it doesn’t happen overnight—or as easily as it is usually depicted.

One of the many terms we usually come across that are related to “surrendering” or “relinquishing” is that of a soul mate.

And while the internet is flooding with losing-a-soul-mate content, I keep asking myself, “Can we ever really let go of one?”

Can we move on? Or, do we ever move on?

I think by now we all agree that separating from a soul mate is tough, heart-wrenching, exhausting. Your soul mate could be your friend, lover, pet, family member, or movie character. And whoever they are or wherever they may be, losing them is never easy.

Losing them is like losing an integral part of yourself because, at one point in time, your souls were intertwined.

And if you ever meet again, even after decades, your soul recognizes their soul. Your hearts remember each other. Your pupils expand when you look at theirs.

A soul mate is an extension of ourselves. No matter how far we move away from each other, our halves will always attract each other—and stick together—like the North and South pole of a magnet.

How can we ever move on from a connection like this?

In my opinion, we never move on; we move forward.

Moving on means to forget what was, but if I’m being honest, we can never forget our memories. They might fade and some might become murky, but we never lose them.

So no, we don’t move on.

And most likely, we can never let go. Our souls never let go. Our hearts never let go. But in order to move forward, we need to let it be.

So let’s start using “moving forward” and “letting it be.” When we move forward, we don’t remove roadblocks. Instead, we learn how to navigate around them.

We sit with the hurt but open our hearts to the good—the new. We don’t forget what was but make space for different, beautiful memories.

And instead of letting it go, we let it be. It’s more comforting, more realistic, less challenging. We accept the course of life without relinquishing any part of it.

Don’t push away. Push inward.

A soul mate is always meant to remain a soul mate.


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