February 14, 2022

Protect your Mind Space: 5 Essential Pre-Phone Morning Routines.


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We’ve all heard the rumours.

Starting your morning in a peaceful state, away from a screen, sets the stage for a productive and healthier mindset throughout your day. Opening your eyes to the immediate chaos of the news, social media, and text messages can shift you into a busier, speedier, or even overwhelmed state before you’ve had a chance to wake up. Conversely, taking as much quiet, calm phone-free time as possible gives your mind the space to awaken into a settled, aware disposition.

I give myself an hour away from screens upon waking, but that may not be possible for everyone.

Here’s an attainable list of things to do before grabbing your phone.

These things needn’t take long, but can truly add value to your life.

1. Wash your face/brush your teeth.

Those two things will not only wake you up but will make you feel fresh.

2. Drink a glass of water.

Your body needs to be rehydrated after a night of sleeping. Hydration kick starts your metabolism too. Getting in the habit of waking and hydrating also sets you up to drink more throughout the day.

3. Move your body.

I choose to stretch as I prefer to work out later but anyway you can gently move your body will release those lovely endorphins and increase your mood.

4. Write down three things you hope to accomplish.

Anything. Just write them down so you can manifest them and make them happen. You’ll be more productive this way. Something about pen to paper always seems more genuine than typing it in your phone, also.

5. Sit down and drink your coffee or tea mindfully.

Whatever you enjoy drinking in the morning, create the uninterrupted space to do it mindfully. Sit and be present with yourself, in the quiet if you can. Resist the urge to entertain yourself with your phone. For further benefit, think of the things for which you’re grateful while you sip.

Simply creating space for these daily steps before diving into the chaos behind your screen will surely allow for the experience of a more mindful, peaceful day.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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