February 15, 2022

“A man giving a well-thought-out explanation on white vs black pride.”

If you know you aren’t Racist, watch this.

The difference between White Pride and Black Pride?

One isn’t really a thing.

I’m part Celtic, and warmly proud of that without using it to hate on others. I love fiddling, and dancing to traditional songs! I’ve never been, and yearn to go. But I ain’t proud of my paleness. As Jane put it.

On the other hand…

Click the image below, it’ll play.

A comment, and a powerful reply:

Comment: In this thread you’ll find a LOT of people who did not understand what he said at all.

Reply: It’s our headline culture. We focus a lot on slogans and headlines and not the meaning behind them.

So things like “Cancel Student Debt!”, “Black Lives Matter”, etc…can be panned by people. They’ll be like, “Oh, so we should just forgive people who made bad financial decisions? You signed up for a 150k loan buddy, that’s on you!” “White people don’t matter?” etc…

‘Cancel Student Debt’ is just the slogan. The issue is predatory lending, not being able to discharge the debt like you can with all other debt, how a degree is a wealth barrier and so on.

“We need police reform to counteract years of corruption that has lead to law being a force to protect the very people it should be taking down. We want our tax dollars to primarily go towards social programs to help lift people up or get them the tools they need to succeed. Police should be a last resort used mostly to safekeep the public, not a blunt tool used to solve all issues. They are not equipped nor could any single person be possibly adequately trained to handle all the situations we’ve put them in charge of. We need more social workers, community outreach programs and so on and less military weapons for SWAT teams.”

Isn’t as catchy as “Defund the police.”


And then, a powerful reply:

Southern conservative here. I learned something! I had always also assumed that people saying “Cancel Student Debt” or “Defund the Police” meant the face value statement. I actually agree a lot with the sentiments behind them, but always thought those positions were too extreme. I’ll try not to be so dismissive of these statements in the future. Thank you for teaching me!

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