February 2, 2022

The Juncture of New Age Consciousness and UFOs.


As the Pentagon admits that the military is regularly encountering UFOs, referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence is getting more serious consideration.

And, not to forget, this is sparking spiritual issues.

Some researchers are suggesting a connection with other unexplained strangeness, such as near-death experiences, paranormal and poltergeist activity, and a range of Psi activities such as telekinesis, remote viewing, and mental telepathy.

Some suggest the common link is consciousness and that we are all one with the universe.

Many people have used meditative techniques, including mantras, to establish contact with the extraterrestrial craft. Increasingly, people are seeing luminous orbs rather than flying spacecraft in the shape of saucers or triangles.

A rich literature of contact and abduction stories covers a range of experiences, often with messages about a dawning age of higher awareness or challenging transition period, with references to higher dimensions or densities.

This may still sound crazy to those not following Ufology, but Congress has approved legislation directing the U.S. intelligence agencies to begin a formal study of the UAP and report publicly on an annual basis.

As the stigma diminishes, some scientists are beginning to treat the issue with seriousness.

A growing divide is whether these mysterious objects represent a military threat or whether they are friendly, in some way, perhaps even warning us about the damage we are doing to our planet with pollution and nuclear weapons.

Speculation is rife because the phenomenon is indeed mysterious, and the government’s cover-up for 75 years has fueled conspiracy theories. There is a fierce debate over the issue of disclosure of what the government really knows.

While there is solid evidence regarding sightings of these crafts, much of the additional speculation regarding contact is based on hypnotic regression and channeled messages from extraterrestrial beings.

This makes for a fine rabbit hole that is seemingly bottomless and just deepens the mystery.

It is tempting to embrace the idea that spirits who may be channeled through mediums are related to ETs who are buzzing our jet pilots and nuclear weapons facilities. Or that enlightenment through spiritual practice connects us with space brothers from Zeta Reticuli. Or that a Space Federation is waiting for us to evolve to higher consciousness before we can join.

These ideas are out there, but as the stigma attached to the whole genre is being steadily diminished, we will have more discussions and more funding for research.

To the degree that Members of Congress perceive the sightings as a threat to our military defense, there will be a move to provide more funding for research and quite possibly a new generation of weapons.

This is a real concern, as the military-industrial complex and its $768 billion defense budget need an enemy or threat to generate continued public support.

In 2022, we’re at a strange juncture where projected military vulnerability meets New Age Consciousness.

One could hope that a dawning awareness of our small place in the universe would bring us together, but recent experience does not favor optimism.


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