March 2, 2022

Pisces New Moon: Letting Go & Holding our Ultimate Creative Power. {March 2/3}


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Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and within its mystical waters, it holds the final lesson of our human cycle, one that is illusive and hard to grasp.

One that ego fights but the soul wants. It is the lesson that we are one, that everything we experienced until this point was a dream, the dream from which we will wake into unity. The realization that we are not separate.

Of course, ego grasps identity for its survival, and so the lesson sometimes passes us by, and we continue drifting along a sea of our making, feeling lost and unfulfilled.

For those of us who dare taste the waters of infinity—the artists, the musicians, the mystics, the poets, the creatives, the lovers, the martyrs, the dancers, the daydreamers, the healers, the seekers—and those who dare remember that they are dreaming, creating, that they are spirit manifesting…to them, this sea can be a place of bliss, divine inspiration, and magic.

This Pisces New Moon, with the sun, moon, Jupiter, and Neptune gathered in Pisces, will wake us to this very realization. The realization that we are here to create, that we are constantly creating, that we are the dreamers weaving dreams, that we are spirit embodied.

And that it is now, in fact, time to create consciously.

To play.

To dance.

To move.

To sing.

To make music.

To get lost in art.

To follow the mysteries.

To imagine.

To fantasize.

To allow intuition.

To look beyond the seen.

To feel into knowing.

To love.

To serve.

To devote ourselves to something greater.

To surrender.

To get lost in the music of life.

And to remember that within that ocean of oneness, identity can still exist. Thrive. Flourish.

That even as we dissolve into a divine moment of creativity, we can hold onto being.

And that as we dissolve, surrender, and let go, we become unconditional love, the frequency of creation, a being of ultimate creative power.

Beyond the fear of dissolution.

Perhaps, this ego fear, the fear of losing our identity, is the very thing that subconsciously stops some of us from living our creative dreams.

From falling into the arms of love, the cradle of inspiration, and the magic of our own spiritual self-realization.

But what if we realized that nothing can be lost without our willingness to release it?

What if we realized that some of what we are losing was not really us to begin with?

What would we create?

How would we create?

Who would we be?

We have Uranus, the great awakener in a friendly aspect to the sun, moon, and Jupiter at this New Moon, helping us break free from that which keep us separate, trapped in duality, or feeling alone.

Uranus will help guide us back into alignment with our creative nature, into the ocean of divine inspiration so that we can weave a new dream, a dream birthed from our own divinity.

Jupiter, the great expander, will open up our intuition, our hearts, and our big visions, filling them up with optimism, blessings, hope, luck, and opportunity.

Both these planets will help us awaken to our personal truth and step with freedom into the direction of our divine and conscious dreaming.

Beyond our conditioning.

As we peel back the layers to reach those authentic parts of us, we also have the support of Mercury and Saturn, conjunct in Aquarius.

Mercury will direct our mind into the future and help us break free from past thought patterns that have kept us in unhealthy experiences.

Aquarius is innovative and rebellious; it thinks about the collective while celebrating the unique aspects of our individuality.

With our minds under this Aquarian influence and Saturn talking to Mercury, we may find ourselves committing to a new way of thinking, one that aligns with the dreams we want to see manifest in the world.

Beyond past hurts.

We have Venus coming out of her retrograde shadow, just as Mercury meets Saturn and the moon meets the sun. Venus is the divine feminine within us who represents love, the arts, value, relationship, and exchange (including money). She has been busy in Capricorn evaluating our traditional upbringings and the experiences of our childhoods that left us feeling unloved, under-valued, or unseen.

And she is ready to make some big changes, reevaluating and reprioritizing the relationships that keep us trapped in old paradigms, while helping us call in our soul family and community of choice so we can create loving, respect-filled unions.

Now out of her retrograde fog, she’s ready to release the old, and she’ll be doing it with the support of Mars and Pluto—Mars representing action, passion, and desire, and Pluto transformation, power, and rebirth.

What can we be reborn into in this Piscean sea of love and divine dreaming?

What can we create once we move beyond the hurt of our past and choose relationships in which we feel valued?

Now is the time to purge, let go, and let love heal us.

Beyond the New Moon.

Once Venus turns direct, all planets will be direct, creating a sense of momentum. Any projects that have been on hold, or dreams that have been meeting roadblocks should pick up speed—if they are, of course, in alignment with our heart and soul.

The sun will go on to meet Jupiter on the 5th/6th in a perfect conjunction. This meeting happens once a year and is believed by astrologers to be the luckiest day of the year!

On March 6th/7th, Venus and Mars will conjunct at zero degrees of Aquarius, activating within us a deeper desire to be amongst soul family, in communities that honour us and function by the same truths. This move will also awaken a desire within us to embrace our own authentic truth and live from the heart.

On March 13th, the Sun will meet Neptune, helping us further seed those New Moon intentions into the sea of dreams.

On March 20th begins a new astrological year with the sun entering Aries, activating that inner fire to follow our hearts and make our dreams a reality.

What are you creating?

With this supportive sky guiding you into the sea of inspiration and divine dreaming, what will you create?

What intentions will you set, knowing that you are supported?

Take some time at this New Moon to play and imagine, to allow your mind to flow beyond your perceived limitations and boundaries.

It is in the great beyond that miracles happen.


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